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  1. host is ok .... I understand that the images may take longer to load, but it seems to me that the background color should be color-similar to the graphics so that situations such as on the film do not stand out in the eye
  2. @doc ok another suggestion when the page loads it is bright, it doesn't look good see
  3. the plugin was installed before the style
  4. @doc please correct your style chatbox different style
  5. @doc brilliant I could improve additionally you could add menu size options I could also add the option to change the color of hide tags
  6. I understand but it's nice how they would be separated
  7. great I think it's too much to buy is currently should I hope you will understand what I mean
  8. I don't mean width but height
  9. @doc how can I reduce the appearance of the forums ??
  10. This file is not currently available for purchase.
  11. will it change? will be sold and serviced ??
  12. This file is not currently available for purchase. :(
    EN nice plugin but how it is with incognito mode PL wtyczka fajna ale jak to jest z trybem incognito
  13. Template tournaments/front/teams/template is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme. The same problem. Any idea?
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