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  1. Kenson

    🔥 FLine

    Very friendly dev. Asked to add a custom icon since I'm not on Twitch or YouTube for my stream site, and he will accommodate.
  2. This could be interesting. I run a gaming community, so it should fit right in.
  3. Active meaning? I have a brand new IPB conversion from xenforo, but we're on the $20 plan, not much forum activity, it's more based on the Pages (and Blog for myself) feature.
  4. Is the addon even compatible with 4.3? They told me oAuth is built into 4.3, but some of the required options for Mixer I can’t seem to find anywhere on their devlab/api pages (For the builtin oAuth option).
  5. Ooh, sounds interesting. Unfortunately I use an Samsung S8+, not an iPhone. ?
  6. Ugh... Don't want to have to rely on them for everything. By the time I need anything done, they're always out of office... (3 pm for me, way too early) Maybe I should count my losses and go to an alternative...
  7. I wonder if I could just upload it somehow to Amazon S3 if I went with my own bucket thing?
  8. I bought the addon, but I can't seem to install it on my Cloud host from IPB. Do the Cloud accounts not have the ability to use addons?
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