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    Sovereign Grace Singles got a reaction from sobrenome in Enhanced Forum Views   
    Opentype's product does what is claimed. I had modified my template before purchasing this with most of the mods available in the product in order to improve upon SEO. This will no longer be necessary (modifying templates) because this product accomplishes what I had done to receive a 99 Google Page Speed score.
    The only Suggestion I have to make the product better is instead of disabling the H1 "Forum" perhaps allowing one to change "Forum" to another Title. This can be accomplished in  Translate Language but just thought it may help those who haven't done so. 
    I give this product 5 stars for not only providing a product which does what is claimed (default template) but also because of the ongoing revision updates.
    To note: I use this product on an aftermarket template. Only minor CSS was needed to correct Topic views alignment of avatars. For the default template the product works flawlessly.
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    Sovereign Grace Singles reacted to GTAPoliceMods in Trophies and Medals   
    Amazing application! Thank you for this. My members love it :)  
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    Sovereign Grace Singles reacted to interfx in Member Location   
    Works great!  But you do have to enable an additional API named Google Places API Web Service to allow the plugin to work
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    Sovereign Grace Singles got a reaction from Adriano Faria in Change Member Joined Date   
    5 Star rating for a product which allows the join date to be changed. In my case a minor edit to the conf_global.php  file's start date had to be made in order to go back before my IPS migration. My original site was on Vbulletin and my account was created back in 2014. I, being inexperienced had merged my old account during the migration to the new account rather than vice versa. The IPS migration took place in 2018 so the edit to the conf_global.php file was to allow join date before the board's migration back to 2014. If you're having to do the same because of making this error during the migration of your board Adriano Faria will be counting the seconds until you reach out to him for support! 😮
    In all seriousness, 5 stars for a product that does what it says and for quick support.
    Many thanks Adriano!
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    Sovereign Grace Singles got a reaction from A Zayed in External Links Rich Embed   
    Works as advertised in IPS 4.3.4!
    Many thanks!
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    Sovereign Grace Singles got a reaction from TheJackal84 in Sticky Notes   
    Simply wow! Installation was a breeze and the response needed for the generated license key from the developer theJackal84 was almost instantaneous. Just created our first Sticky Note and targeted the desired user groups. Wrote out an instructional "how to" for staff. What I really like about this product is the ability to send a note to a specific member anonymously. On my board specific staff members have a problem of being targeted at times by disgruntle members and if staff issues them a warning the action is interpreted as throwing fuel on the fire. This allows for a soft warning by an anonymous staff member which may hopefully address undesired behavior before Staff actually issues a formal warning. Not to mention it can be used to encourage a specific member's behavior, issue technical advice, bring new features to the attention of others etc without starting a pm conversation.
    Top notch product!
    Thank you,
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    Sovereign Grace Singles got a reaction from TAMAN in Behemoth Theme   
    I was looking for a theme that was professional, and technically appealing without being gamey. The Behemoth theme visually stood apart from other themes that were either too flat and boring or uncoordinated color wise. The Behemoth theme's color and contrasting are very nicely done. The developer, Tahman must of put his time in considering what is appealing to the end user. The slider is a nice way to personally touch base with first time visitors, and the permissions allow different groups to see different sliders which can be used to remind members or announce what's new in my community.
    The theme installed without a single hiccup and there hasn't been any issues during each upgrade process. Last night I performed my first customization to this theme and needed a little help. Tahman was there and offered support immediately, going beyond the usual scope of support for what is normally included after purchasing a template.
    Can't say that I foresee another template in my near future. I am completely happy with the quality of work, attention to detail, and ongoing support by Tahman.
    Thanks Tahman for providing the visual appeal my community was in need of! Top notch product!
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