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  1. Why is it that my current version shows 2.0.8 but newest download is 2.0.7? Am I special?
  2. Impressive knowledge of your product and Invision! It worked. Thanks!
  3. Any way I could also get the patch to full size the videos?
  4. Same error: 1S111/1 Class IPS\links\setup\upg_500032\Upgrade could not be loaded. Ensure it has been properly prefixed with an underscore and is in the correct namespace.
  5. How do I find the group I'd? I'm wanting to change the banned member's group avatar. Note: please disregard, found it in the url.
  6. I have the same issue with Screenshotmachine.
  7. Any plans to make new videos display in the activity stream?
  8. @TheJackal84 resolved the issue for me and quickly. You may want to private message him to be sure he sees your support issue. If memory serves correctly he ran a mysql query which resolved the problem.
  9. From admincp when I edit my or anyone else profile/account preferences etc I get the following error with Stickynotes enabled. When disable the error ceases:
  10. You can add them through the meta editor of search engine optimization in admincp.
  11. Ah, that explains it. Since I have a non existent issue there is no need for hired services or even recommendation for an added feature to better the product. No problem (no pun intended), I yield to your logic.
  12. I need to put a script in the head or preferably before the closing html body tags on every blog page. I do not want to use the global template which would insert the script throughout the entire website. Which template would I insert the below script for just blogs: <script> var refTagger = { settings: { bibleVersion: "ESV" } }; (function(d, t) { var g = d.createElement(t), s = d.getElementsByTagName(t)[0]; g.src = ' ∕∕api.reftagger.com/v2/RefTagger.js'; s.parentNode.insertBefore(g, s); }(document, 'script')); </script>
  13. I have a question on an issue I am facing since a couple of Behemoth updates ago. The then available header image was removed but one can steer around the lack of by creating a slide in the slider. Here's my issue. I have slide 1,2,4 for example displayed to groups A. Once signed in only slide 3 is seen to groups B. The problem is that slide 3 slides or rotates to itself. So all signed in members of groups B are reading it is distracting by sliding to nothing more than another view of itself. Is there a way or modifications that can be performed that since there is only one slide 3 appearing to groups B that it will remain static and not distract by sliding? And at the same time allow for the sliding action of the slider for slides 1, 2, 4 of groups A? I'd like to have the option that if one slide exists than the slide should not rotate in front of group B.
  14. Don't know what's going on but I updated to latest and the application still shows there is an update available. I tried clearing the site cache but it still shows this:
  15. Seems this plugin doesn't work with the OP. I was able to create a thread with just one character when the minimum words were set at 10. However, the warning does show up in responses which require 10 words in "responses" to the OP. Recommendation: It would be also nice if one could set a global forum requirement instead of having to set each forum and sub forum independently. This was excruciating on a forum with lots of forums and sub-forums.
  16. I migrated from Vbulletin 5 to IPS. I notice that Search engines see topics with a 301 redirect. I also realize if I remove the converter (uninstall) then those redirects would be lost and it could have an effect if other sites are linking to my site. However, with the 301 redirects, and with so many of them that are not linked to, and as they are showing up with a 301 will this not have an adverse effect in the search engines since some link juice is lost? Point being if there are limited sites linking to mine would it be better to uninstall the converter and let Google index these with a 200 response rather than a 301?
  17. If I may offer a minor suggestion. It would be an added benefit to restrict one user group from sending messages to specific user group(s). In other words, admin or even moderator can send to members but not guests. This may be an option already as I am only about a half hour familiar with this product. If not, I think it would cut down on the chance of staff members being in a rush and sending messages to guests which may inadvertently deter new registration eg., a message addressing technical or member issues.
    Simply wow! Installation was a breeze and the response needed for the generated license key from the developer theJackal84 was almost instantaneous. Just created our first Sticky Note and targeted the desired user groups. Wrote out an instructional "how to" for staff. What I really like about this product is the ability to send a note to a specific member anonymously. On my board specific staff members have a problem of being targeted at times by disgruntle members and if staff issues them a warning the action is interpreted as throwing fuel on the fire. This allows for a soft warning by an anonymous staff member which may hopefully address undesired behavior before Staff actually issues a formal warning. Not to mention it can be used to encourage a specific member's behavior, issue technical advice, bring new features to the attention of others etc without starting a pm conversation. Top notch product! Thank you, Christforums
  18. I'd hire every Mercenary from coast to coast that one million dollars would buy to hunt down Boko Haram (in an undisclosed contract) and everyone that profited from the abduction of Leah Sharibu. This little girl was one of the children kidnapped by the terrorist organization Boko Haram in Africa. Imagine what I'd do if I had the financial resources of Soros. Anyways, this is one of the girls that Obama said he would not rest until they were all brought home: https://www.dailywire.com/news/35226/kidnapped-nigerian-girl-who-refused-renounce-her-kassy-dillon
  19. Would be nice if the gravatars could be captured by the image cache or proxy and stored locally.
  20. If are you want to use Cloudflare, they give away a free universal SSL certificate. A dedicated SSL is optionally available.
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