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  1. It should be used as default, don't you think?
  2. Hello Taman. The thumbnail pictures don't use alt attribute, what fix do you recommend?
  3. Hello again, back with more questions. Is it possible to choose a font awesome icon for menus? Could you provide Support if a plugin/app from a third party causes issues on the websites? And most importantly, does Teemo mains get a discount or price raise?
  4. Hello Taman. Do you know if super slide supports animated/interactive photos/mp4 ?
    Support is awful. I've sent him a message on April 24 regarding an issue with the plugin, he saw it, didn't bother to respond, he could say I won't help you and I would be fine with it, outright ignoring is not fun for anyone. Adding late updates and a very high price. You judge for yourself if it's worth buying or not. Since 0 stars is not possible, I've given him 1. And that's as high as he will get. Go to his "support" website. look how long it takes him to reply, it's a joke right? And then look at the price you are paying for updates and support. A backup for your site is a must if you want to use this "app"
    @TAMAN is one of the best developers at supporting his customers. He will go out of his way to help. Something rare to find. He genuinely wants his customers to have the best experience regardless of the pay he's getting compared to his work. I recommend anything by him, he's trustworthy and supportive what else makes you not want to buy. This plugin does exactly what it says it does. It makes articles feel and look better. for a price of 10$ you get this amazing theme with great support and very fast updates. It's always a deal.
  5. Can I copy topics from a "Collab" app made by @Kevin Carwile into a different application? Let me explain. The Collab App allows "collabs" to have their own "Forums", "Calender", "Pages", and other apps, including "Videobox". I want to be able to copy videos and topics inside the collab into the main site. Does your plugin allow me to do that?
    This app is great. Too good actually. I think the custom media tags deserve to be explained. But @onlyME is helpful and friendly. The support is great. the possibilities are endless.
    Earlier I had issues with the theme. It was not usable and I didn't get a response from the support team, which is why I rated it 1/5. The support team contacted my and helped fix the issues. I wish they could've answered and told me they were busy instead of not saying a anything. Communication is key and that is what support is for. The theme itself is great. It has a modern-like feel. Actually the only thing that could prevent someone from liking this theme, is the colors, which they promised to fix. The slide system is good. It also gives you the option for a guest slide. Which some communities can't live without. The footer does its job. It's perfect for me. So I rated it 5/5.
  6. Amazing, thanks for your help. I will buy as soon as the update comes out. Good luck TAMAN.
  7. But the forum is still left to right? I've searched online and I've found this website I don't own or know anything about this website, as you can see everything is right to left, i'm not sure if has something to do with the theme or not, hence I asked. I'm also using the beta version, so I will probably buy the theme after the official release.
  8. Hi Taman, I wanted to know if it's possible to change the forum view from left to right into right to left(everything). I'm thinking of buying it, but I want to know first.
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