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    mcartemon2we23 reacted to beats23 in Improving user status in hovercard   
    Plus 1, put back the information for what the user is viewing 
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    mcartemon2we23 reacted to Colonel_mortis in My initial impressions of achievements   
    I've not really played around with achievements yet, but I think that's all the more reason to give this feedback now.
    My initial impression as a user on this site is that it's not obvious:
    What points are How I get points, and how many points things are worth How many points I have How the ranks compare (beyond just that each one is higher than the previous) (ie how many points each rank is worth) What I can do to unlock new badges (there's an argument that some badges should be secret, but certainly most should not) These are the sorts of things that experienced members will figure out within a couple of weeks, and maybe all that information is available for users somewhere that I'm not immediately seeing. However, the fact that I'm not immediately seeing it is the problem. For achievements to really work they need to be walk-up usable - a new member needs to be incentivized to ask questions, to post good answers, and to come back to the site next week, and right now, it doesn't do that.
    On the user menu, it highlights my rank and progress, which is great, but I want to click it and see more details. It feels weirdly non-interactive, and leaves me wanting more info.
    For a good case study, take a look at Stack Overflow. I can look at all the badges, and see my progress towards them. I also see a graph of my rep (which on SO is less valuable because rep is compounding as people find your old questions, but on forums would be a more active incentive to keep increasing it).
    Building on the SO example, wouldn't it be neat if achievement ranks could be configured to actually benefit you? Even the group promotion rules are conspicuously missing the ability to promote by rank. I want to set some rules like "level 1 can only use forums, level 2 can use blogs and status updates, level 3 can post news, level 4 can use classifieds, level 5 gets more messenger storage, etc", which I think would be a great way to incentivise engagement and give users a goal to work towards that is more than just a slightly different coloured icon on their profile picture.
    Also, and this is borderline a bug, the default badge descriptions are inconsistent - some don't have descriptions, some have passive descriptions ("a week since joining"), some have present tense descriptions ("making your first post"), and some have past tense descriptions ("visited daily for a week"). There's also no way to edit them (which I will report as a bug).
    Another thing - wouldn't it be nice if getting a badge could give you points? As far as I can see, that's not a thing at the moment.
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    mcartemon2we23 reacted to Daniel F in IPS 4.6 3rd Party Developer News - Round 3   
    Welcome to part 3 ( Part 1 & Part 2 ) of our series for 3rd party developers.
    Let's recap the interesting stuff:
    A new extension was added to the core app to allow 3rd party apps to extend the achievements.
    Content Items can be marked as anonymous
    We have cleaned up our code and have removed almost all the deprecated methods and variables!
    One if the most concerning changes for IN_DEV users will probably be our new ACP warning once the CSRF Key is being exposed in the ACP

    That's nothing to worry about, it's only returned with enabled IN_DEV mode, but please take it serious and try to avoid any redirect to any URL containing the CSRF key and containing user generated content.
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    mcartemon2we23 reacted to Linux-Is-Best in Please ban the user "Banned-User-Test" (see details)   
    Please forgive the odd request, but if someone within the Invision would be so kind as to please active and then ban the user account @Banned-User-Test that would be most helpful.  It is my sincere intention to test the community from a banned user perspective. I like to be thorough when testing a new product in development.
    Thank you in advance for indulging my particularly eccentric request.
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    mcartemon2we23 reacted to Ryan Ashbrook in Please ban the user "Banned-User-Test" (see details)   
    I'd recommend using the demo instead: https://invisioncommunity.com/demo
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    mcartemon2we23 reacted to Linux-Is-Best in Please ban the user "Banned-User-Test" (see details)   
    The demo is not using 4.6.  I checked before making my unusual request. 😉
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    mcartemon2we23 reacted to Ryan Ashbrook in Please ban the user "Banned-User-Test" (see details)   
    That's fair - however I should note that the handling of banned members has not changed between the two versions.
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    mcartemon2we23 reacted to Sonya* in CKEditor 4 end of life - alternative editor consideration   
    I think there are two different use cases:
    Editor for user-generated content. Should be simple, not too many options, clear and foolproof. I think that the actual IPS editor fulfills the requirement. Editor for articles wrote by admin. Should be powerful, have many options (text positioning, blocks, columns, grids, custom code pieces, custom styles, extendable with SEO and other plugins, have additional extensions via Marketplace etc.) For this case, the actual IPS editor is not enough. 
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    mcartemon2we23 reacted to Matt in CKEditor 4 end of life - alternative editor consideration   
    We're very much aware of CKEditor 5.

    As mentioned above, the migration to v5 isn't a simple case of dropping in the new files. We'd need to re-code all of our custom plugins that handle many things including embedding, drag and drop uploading and much more.

    CKEditor 4 is supported until 2023. While CKEditor 5 brings many useful new things, it's not urgent enough for us to "down tools" and focus a 6-12 week block on it.

    It's on our roadmap along with other javascript improvements that we want to develop and deploy.
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    mcartemon2we23 reacted to Linux-Is-Best in CKEditor 4 end of life - alternative editor consideration   
    Back in the day (long ago), nearly every project and development I know about used CKEditor. In its heyday (gold age), WYSIWYG editors were still a relatively new concept (I feel old. ), and CKEditor was considered top of the line. Times have changed.
    Ideally, you want your editor not to be the focus of your development. By that, I mean to say the editor should blend effortlessly in the background as something you do not notice (an afterthought). So many developments no longer use CKEditor because the editor itself often gets in the way.  I cannot count the many times when I have heard or experienced why something was not functioning right because of the editor.  Or why something could not be developed or extended because of the editor. The editor (CKEditor) is not the afterthought it should be.  Even here on Invision, the editor and its limited functionality has proven problematic by the sheer request to work around it https://invisioncommunity.com/search/?q=editor&quick=1&type=forums_topic&nodes=499
    Speaking personally, I love where Invision is going. I admire their creativity in where they are taking the development. I enjoy many of the features and am looking forward to the new features they have suggested they have planned. But I dislike the editor. It is my 'pet peeve' for Invision. I know of only two developments that still use CKEditor (the other is not a forum, and they use CKEditor 5). In both of them, I dislike the editor (v4 and 5). Why? Because in both of them, nearly all the issues I encounter, all the bugs I stumble upon, and all lack of functionality and adaptability surround CKEditor.  Besides Invision, only vBulletin, whose market share is shrinking and development has become stagnant, concerning forum software, still uses CKEditor.   
    I do not expect Invision to change editors overnight. As SeNioR- pointed out, it is not easy to change editors, not even to CKEditor 5.  So regardless of the discission (whether we stay with CKEditor or change editors), we are still looking at a large transition. We have two (2) years to think this through and explore our options before CKEditor 4 reaches the end of life. Plenty of time to think this over.
    You'll note I did not specify any particular editor (besides a few examples I gave). My request is not to promote any specific one, only that an exploratory investigation be conducted and that Invision considers their options.
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    mcartemon2we23 reacted to SeNioR- in CKEditor 4 end of life - alternative editor consideration   
    It's not easy to switch to CKEditor 5. 
    Source: Migration from CKEditor 4
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    mcartemon2we23 reacted to Tarun in CKEditor 4 end of life - alternative editor consideration   
    Just want to say I would not use/trust that service. Think about what it does. Everything you type is keylogged. That may very well include your passwords, banking information, and more.
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    mcartemon2we23 reacted to Matt in Has member title been removed?   
    To recap:
    You do not need to enable the new rules, badges and ranks. There is an option pre-upgrade that asks you if you want to switch to the new system or not. If you choose not to, then you retain the existing ranks you already have.

    The upgrade will also move any custom titles across to a new custom profile field.

    If you want to show the custom member title under the user's photo in a post, then just switch on these custom field settings which are off after the upgrade.

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    mcartemon2we23 reacted to GazzaGarratt in Add to Homepage for Mobile Devices   
    Awesome news @Stuart Silvester! Apologies for not seeing this in the detail when I read it previously! 😄
  16. Agree
    mcartemon2we23 reacted to Stuart Silvester in Add to Homepage for Mobile Devices   
    Hi Gazza!
    Yes, this is enabled by our Progressive Web Application (PWA) improvements coming soon in 4.6
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    mcartemon2we23 reacted to Luuuk in Title in the card   
    I use the following code in custom.css:
    /* Allow forum names in grid view to wrap */ .ipsApp .cForumGrid__title{ white-space: normal; }  
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    mcartemon2we23 reacted to Daniel F in Correct Application, Plugin and Theme versions   
    Folks, please try to pay more attention to the version numbers you're using for your customisations!
    There's just another upset client who can't upgrade his file via the ACP - Marketplace because the system doesn't recognise the new upgrade release as "upgrade" because the recent version has long version 2800 while the old long version is 24344. I hope everybody here sees the issue?! The newer version is lower than the last version.
    Another common concern confusing clients and our backend is that some developers started going back with version numbers for their 4.5 releases. So from 1.4.2 ( 104020 ) they went back to 1.0.0 ( 100000 )
    Personally, I would suggest to try to use a proper semantic versioning system
    Last but not least, while it's mentioned in the MP guidelines, here's a slightly reminder: Please also increase the versions for EACH release, even if you changed only a minor typo because clients will freak out because the MP shows it as upgraded, but their installation not..
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    mcartemon2we23 reacted to Joel R in Announcement as notification   
    There's also Custom Notifications by @Fosters available in the Marketplace.  
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    mcartemon2we23 reacted to Jordan Invision in Better badge look in Topic   
    Tell us how you really feel 😆 
    Lol jk. We are always striving to offer the best UX. I think it's worth mentioning that functionality and look will continue to improve in all areas of IC, including Achievements :] 
    Fortunately, there's a bunch of options for all to stylize things to match their own taste (it may require a bit of extra work, but if anyone needs help please feel free to create a topic!). 
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    mcartemon2we23 reacted to Linux-Is-Best in Better badge look in Topic   
    As a matter of opinion, I like the location of the badges. I feel far too many things are centered on "postbit" on most forums, which adds too much noise. The unification of everything neatly in its place means I often tune stuff out and forget something is there. Introducing a little harmless chaos to the layout gives the site character and makes it more attractive. If someone wanted it centered, they could perform a template edit or perhaps use some CSS. But I, for one, like the location 'as is.' 
    As for the coloring of the badges, I believe that depends on the avatar. Where it is located can cause a bit of a color clash depending on what your avatar looks like. I am using Linux (openSUSE Tumbleweed) with Mozilla Firefox ( Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64; rv:89.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/89.0 ) and find no real issue. But for argument's sake, attached are a few random screenshots. 

    Upon uploading my attached (see post above), I notice they look a little rough around the edges. But this being an alpha, I do not presume the images used were of HD quality, merely proof of concept.
  22. Agree
    mcartemon2we23 reacted to SeNioR- in Better badge look in Topic   
    Hi. I don't know about you, but I didn't like the "look" of the badge in the topic. In my opinion, the badge is too big.
    What do you think about this look?
    Example 1

    Example 2

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    mcartemon2we23 reacted to Rikki in [IPS 4.6] User hovercard - Removed "last visited" field?   
    This will be back in the next build 🙂 
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    mcartemon2we23 reacted to Daniel F in Withdrawal Requests   
    No, it means that the end user will need to cancel any active withdrawal request (per currency) before creating another.
    So if you create a withdrawal request today, you won’t be able to create a second one until the first was completed or canceled .
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    mcartemon2we23 reacted to Adriano Faria in Withdrawal Requests   
    It’s limited to one. It’s in the latest hump thing:
    One per currency. 
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