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  1. Just to verify, is the app available in English? I see on the screenshots in the market place that it is not. Wanted to make sure before I buy. Can I embed Vimeo videos too? Also, has anyone used it with a live streaming service yet, like Twitch? Wondering how smoothly it worked. Very excited!
    A real game changer. I know that phrase is cliched and over used, but it couldn't be a better fit for this app. With my forum we have to deal with trolls and other trouble makers. By using this app along with some permission tweaks to groups I have been able to create multiple layers of vetting before someone has full access to my community. Its essentially automated a vital task that would have taken me ages to do manually. The added sense of security combined with membership growth is truly great. I have ideas and a vision for my community that wouldn't have been possible before.
  2. Just purchased the theme and for whatever reason, I cannot get Categories to appear on my forum. It will show the forum inside the Category, but not the Category itself. Any idea of what setting I'm missing?
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