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  1. I have not tried, but would like to know if it's possible to add the code snippet to the community somewhere. Would be great to get this hooked in!
  2. Hi everyone, after browsing the AdminCP I found a section on the left hand nav menu called "Mobile App". You need to select settings and submit a request where someone will review the content to ensure it meets requirements of the appstores. Currently waiting for business hours to kick in to see what happens next
  3. Is this still happening? Really keen to see it take off!
  4. Hey everyone, I have a support call logged for this, but I am wondering if anyone has encountered an issue where the core system auto updates but the applications do not? I recently tested the 4.4.4 update and it worked fine, went to run it in prod and it failed. Forums, Calendar and Converter are locked because they do no match the System version. Anyone have any bright ideas? I have tried to upload new versions of Forums and Calendar but they expect TAR files, which are nowhere to be found. I tried downloading the zip from Members area, uploaded to site, unzipped and tried running that. It also failed.
  5. THANKS!!! It was the {content} tag I was after! woohoo! Is there documentation on that somewhere? I changed from: <center><img src='/images/ImpDragsShields_{key}.png'></center> To: <center><img src='/images/ImpDragsShields_{content}.png'></center> And it now works
  6. Yeah, doesn't matter about the link ref, it's the {key} value that is not populating. Please note the attached images.
  7. I'll give it a go, but what is happening is that the {key} part is not being picked up. So when I inspect the broken image link, it is images/option_{key}.png So it doesn't populate the {key} part. This was working prior to upgrade with all custom themes, hooks etc removed.
  8. Me too, now I am figuring out why custom profile field images are not showing. It seems there is configuration under custom profile fields where an option can be selected say: option 1 option 2 option 3 and the Display Format is <center><img src='/images/option_{key}.png'></center> Where I imagine that {key} would be replaced with 'option 1' if option 1 was selected, and so an image called 'whatever_option 1.png' would display Has this custom behaviour been deprecated?
  9. Hi guys, thanks so much for the help! Support also confirmed this: It so happened that there was a 'constants.php' file in the main directory that had the 'admin-dir' reference. I replaced it with 'admin' and everything went smoothly! The upgrade from v3.3.0 to 4.3.3 worked! Again thanks :)
  10. Hi and thanks. I looked at the confirmation_global.php file and there is no reference to admin-dir there. I inherited this board so have no idea what may or may not have been done and unfortunately the person who set it all up has since passed on. It's an interesting conundrum Should the $INFO['sql_utf8mb4'] = true; still be in there?
  11. I removed the underscores, but there's no lang.php in there so it continues to error. Sorry I had the locations wrong in the previous post: I went looking here and found it in /home1/specopsadmin/test-forum/admin/upgrade/lang.php I would like to know if the installer is looking at the wrong directory. It is referencing admin-dir/upgrade/ whereas the installer and lang.php is in admin/upgrade/
  12. Thanks. So I went looking for the file and found that the upgrade and install folders were prefixed with an under score. Also they only contain an index.php file I'm not sure what else I can do, because it looks like the site has always been like this I went looking here /home1/specopsadmin/test-forum/admin-dir/upgrade/lang.php and found /home1/specopsadmin/test-forum/admin-dir/_upgrade/ I did a search for lang.php and found it in /home1/specopsadmin/test-forum/admin/upgrade/lang.php and /home1/specopsadmin/test-forum/admin/install/lang.php
  13. Hi there I am trying to upgrade from v3.3.0 to 4.3.3. I have managed to get through setting up a test instance, passed all the IPS4.php requirements, also successfully ran the utf8conversion tools. I have just copied all the IP4 files overwriting the current ones, try to navigate to /admin/upgrade and get the following error: Has anyone encountered this issue before?
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