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  1. Hello @A Zayed!

    Thank you for the plugin. I have it installed. It seems to work, but not for links from our parent site.

    Do you know why it wouldn't or can't embed links like this?


    Our community is on a subdomain of this site: community.careinnovations.org

    But the parent site has so many pages we want to reference and embed.

    Thanks for any help!


  2. Thanks, Rhett.  

    Thanks, @opentype  (I had already restored from backup.)

    It seems like "overwrite" is synonymous with "merge."  

    This is the clarity I have been seeking. 

    "Upload the files, ensuring no existing files are replaced. New files will be added."

    I may use Filezilla, but Transmit does allow merging rather than replacing.

    Wish me luck -- I now have to wait until EOD for the client in California which is active on the site.

    Thanks again,





  3. Thanks, @opentype -- appreciate your response.

    Broken means I get a formatless page of html when I hit the site.

    Invision support told me to overwrite the files and "replace" when FTP asks.

    I asked how will that not replace my uploads, plugins and other files? 

    He said it doesn't touch plugins etc. But it clearly does and did.

    So I am clearly not understanding where to upload the files. 

    I attach a screen grab of my FTP setup. I am uploading the files on the left to the folder on the right.

    I assume I SHOULDN'T overwrite any files.

    You mention "merge."  Wondering how to accomplish that as it sounds more likely to work. 🙂


    I am using Transmit on the Mac if that matters.

    Thanks again for any pointers.




  4. I added Pages to my license. 

    I have followed the instructions to manually download the Invision Community files from my client area and upload to my server using FTP.

    My site is completely broken.

    Invision support confirmed this is what I should do.

    Has anyone else done this?  How does it not break your site when overwriting folders on your server?

    What am I missing?

    Thank you in advance for any pointers!



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