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    USCJ Digital reacted to Hexsplosions in [Solved] Slow image loading in 4.4.0   
    It is disabled by default.
    The setting was originally not as granular as this, you either served images from your local server or you didn't. The reason it was useful was when your site used HTTPS whilst other sites did not, which could result in security alerts to end users. Serving images from your local server solved this problem. In 4.4.0 you have more control over this and can elect to only serve insecure images from your local server, which makes sense as you can save your own resources by not serving images that are already secure. The problem that I encountered was that there was a stark difference in speed between images served from my local server and images served from third party sites.
    I've reverted to serving all images from my local server to preserve speed.
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    USCJ Digital reacted to Lindy in Emergency Maintenance for Community in the Cloud and 4.4   
    No, your segment is not impacted by any maintenance. Most will not be impacted, but we just wanted to provide broad notice. 
    With that said, it would be a good idea to perform your upgrade on Monday. You don't have to, of course, but support is more limited on weekends. 
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    USCJ Digital reacted to SJ77 in Downloads navigation is confusing   
    Why on earth can’t I see a list of ALL files regardless of sub category? 
    Instead randomly see 8 files out of 1000+
    I need a way to see all so I can sort by most recent regardless of sub categories 

    User clicks a thing that says 1,526 and gets 8! Lol


    Should get all 1,526 files then be able to drill down to sub categories if they want to filter it more
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    USCJ Digital reacted to bfarber in Display Issue with Firefox v65   
    This is a bug that has been reported.
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    USCJ Digital reacted to AlexWright in [s] causes 'strikeout' text ...   
    [b ] [ /b]
    It's ancient BBCode...
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    USCJ Digital reacted to Daniel F in Is it possible to download forum usage statistics?   
    That's unfortunately not possible, but it's an amazing idea. I have raised an internal suggestion for this.
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    USCJ Digital reacted to Matt in AdminCP > 502 Bad Gateway   
    Just a short term routing issue.

    It was sorted a few minutes after you posted.

    Thanks for your patience!
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    USCJ Digital reacted to Joel R in Listing of those following a club   
    The SQL toolbox is a tool that's built into the ACP and probably purposely dedigned for cloud accounts.  
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    USCJ Digital reacted to newbie LAC in Listing of those following a club   
    Go to phpMyAdmin and run above sql-queries
    Or go to ACP - Support - SQL Toolbox - Run above sql-queries. For 1st query change X on forum ID. For 2nd query change Y on club ID. 

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    USCJ Digital reacted to Joel R in Update: How to change the color of "Invision Community"?   
    It's an image.  
    Make your own logo image.  And then upload into your ACP > Customization > Theme settings for the logo.  
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    USCJ Digital reacted to Meddysong in An error occurred (500 Error)   
    Nice for us, who don't pay them a penny for hosting or support for hosting, yep. Not so nice for them, who would have even more work to do. Maybe we should start a thread saying "it would be nice if support did customizations for us/answerered questions from my members/bought, wrote and posted my Christmas cards for me".
    It's not their place to deal with third parties. They don't do it with plugins either. You have to draw the line somewhere and I think it's completely reasonable to say "we deal with things relating to our software and the hosting purchased from us". Yes, it's frustrating when you run into one of these problems, don't know what to do, and then get the response that it's not their area of responsibility, but that doesn't mean it's unfair. And if you're polite to them rather than mentioning several times "support doesn't want to help", you might even get a quick courtesy suggestion about what to do; I know I have in the past 🙂
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    USCJ Digital got a reaction from Meddysong in Suddenly my icons disappear in ACP?   
    I am not sure if it is the same thing, but you may want to look at the posts here to see if anything is familiar to your situation: 
    UPDATE: I don't think I clearly understood what you originally posted, but based on what @Meddysong said below, I don't believe thread above that I posted is related to your issue. 🙂 
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    USCJ Digital reacted to day_ in Did you know?   
    For those that have iPhones you will be aware of the tips app that is pre installed, when you’ve setup your shiny new phone you receive occasional notifications on how to use the phone.
    Wouldn’t it be nice if IPS had a similar system for the forums now that FAQ pages are a thing of the past, we just expect users to know how to use the forum. What about forum virgins dipping their toes into online communities for the first time?
    When new members register, for the first week, two or month they receive tips in their notifications.....
    Did you know you could mention other users by typing @ followed by the users name?
    Did you know, if you highlight text you wish to quote?
    Did you know you could upload your own photo?
    Did you know pressing the dot next to the topic title takes you to the first unread post?
    You get the idea right. 
    It would be great for existing users to also receive these tips for the same period if this feature was added.
    There would be a bunch of default tips setup in the admin panel, but you would have the ability to add your own or disable some of the default tips.
    The user could quickly turn these off in his/her settings if they don’t want to receive them.
    If this is possible or not I don’t know, that’s for the developers to decide, I’m just here with the bright ideas which I believe this is a great one.
    I see so many people on Facebook, Twitter and my own forum discover things that I think are basic features years after having an account, as owners and software  developers we probably all don’t do enough to help ease new users to forums.
    One of my biggest pet hates of this software is the clicking of the dot to be taken to the first unread posts, the developers believe this is great as it is, but a user who only accesses the internet on mobile device and new to forums, does not have the ability to hover a finger over and see the tooltip which says go to unread posts. The tips notification would educate them on this.
    Other than being technically impossible, I see no reason why this would not be great for all forums and a great way to help users understand how to use our sites better.
    Matt, Brandon, Lindy, I won’t tag you but if one of you sees this and thinks that’s a bloody good idea, don’t leave me hanging, this is probably the longest post I’ve made the effort to post on here 😂
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    USCJ Digital got a reaction from Joel R in Download Club Membership List as Excel/CSV   
    We don't want to expose email addresses to our users. Our need is as follows: we are actually moving people from ancient listservs to our community with Invision. So we need an easy way to see who joined their club, and who has not so we can target invitations.
    Also, it would be good to be able to send a bulk email from the AdminCP to just a particular club.
    I have setup some groups - but there are a limited number of groups we can realistically create - clubs are a much better way for us to identify particular cohorts 🙂
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    USCJ Digital reacted to Joel R in Download Club Membership List as Excel/CSV   
    I raised this suggestion as well to IPS since my club leader requested it.  He's used to communicating by email with his members and in his prior group, he saw all email addresses.  
    As admin of the community though, I have some serious reservations about mass disclosing email.  The email is provided to the community, not to the club leader.  We have terms of use that govern personally identifiable information, but the club does not.  
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    USCJ Digital reacted to O9C4 in Thank You, IPS   
    I join in gratitude! I am always confident in their help and no afraid any issues anymore. Great team play and support. Keep it up!
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    USCJ Digital reacted to jackflash in Thank You, IPS   
    I just wanted thank Marc Stridgen, Mark Higgins and Rhett Buck (and Mark Stridgen, again) for upgrading two of our sites this past week.  Being new, I had a lot of questions and they greatly helped me out.
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    USCJ Digital got a reaction from ayman ha in More Fine Grain Control over "Delete" Permissions   
    @steve00 ... Yes, you have the right idea, and yes, that would potentially be very confusing!
    I tried to amend my request to that the original poster could *not* delete their first post if they are the creator of the topic, but could delete subsequent posts.
    For example, I start on post on "how to post on this forum."
    A week later, I reply to another users post.
    A day later, I don't like my reply - I want to delete that reply.
    A month later, I don't like the entire thread and who cares that 120 people have added to the topic. I go to delete the first post (thereby deleting the entire thread), I can *not* do that.
    That's my request 🙂
    Does that make a little more sense?
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    USCJ Digital reacted to bfarber in Clubs and Updates.   
    I would probably recommend a select or radio field if I were making a "Category" custom field. Freeform text fields aren't generally all that great for real categorization. Typos, variations and so on can mean ten different clubs all specify "America", "North America", "US", "USA", "United States", "United States of America" and so on (you get the idea) differently, even though users would expect them to be grouped together.
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    USCJ Digital reacted to Joel R in Clubs and Updates.   
    Clubs will still be visible. You just won't be able to filter those clubs until you indicate the custom selection. 
    You should plan out your custom fields in advance so it's easier when you build out your club directory.  As a suggestion, I recommend as few field choices as possible.  I never personally liked the design of Filter modal even though I appreciate the attempt by IPS to offer more flexible filtering options ... The fields and their choices are listed vertically in one column, so the design can stretch on if you try to offer too many options.  
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    USCJ Digital reacted to bfarber in Clubs and Updates.   
    You can filter by custom fields, as already pointed out in this topic. You create a custom field labeled "Category", supply some category options, and then you will be able to filter by it when viewing the clubs homepage.
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    USCJ Digital reacted to Pete T in Clubs and Updates.   
    Once done that in clubs itself when make new club have this

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    USCJ Digital got a reaction from mrbowers in Clubs and Updates.   
    I have a question related to this ... when creating the extra field "Category," is it a text field or one of the other options for field type?
    Once the field is created, will there be a "filter by" option on the clubs page?
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    USCJ Digital reacted to Jed Rosenzweig in More Fine Grain Control over "Delete" Permissions   
    I've had this convo with IPS before @USCJ Digital. It's really frustrating that you can't give people the ability to self-delete without destroying topics (or do a post wipe in admin, same result). It's not going to be fixed soon because there's no distinction between "first post" and "the topic" as far as the admin/backend goes. To achieve what you are describing  they will need to decouple first post from the canonical topic data. 
    Which they should definitely do but I'd imagine it's something they'd need to tackle in a 5.0 rewrite, not a 4.x release.
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    USCJ Digital reacted to opentype in More Fine Grain Control over "Delete" Permissions   
    So I comment to add to the “traction”. 😉 I agree that first post and subsequent posts should have an option for different permissions. 
    In my case: I have font identification forums, where people make a request and once it is solved, they often want the entire topic to disappear, and by that, hiding/deleting other peoples posts and making it impossible that the topic can be found later on by other people with the same question. So there is a big difference here. Hiding/deleting individual posts might cause a little bit of confusion here and there, but it is something very different from hiding other people’s replies and removing an entire discussion. 
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