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  1. For now, can you post the fix? I am having tons of spam users register 🙂
  2. Yes I assume its because $invite = \IPS\Db::i()->select( '*', 'invite_invites', array( 'invite_code=?', $val ) )->first(); No null check or its not reaching the exception ?
  3. Yeah. I am trying to patch this in the registerScreen.php where you state the status of the code. Lmk if you have a easier fix.
  4. Inserting "0" as the invite code bypasses.... Any fix for this?
  5. Issue with the search bar via Beta Update. Any idea how to fix the issue? EDIT: Looks like it broke a couple of other things such as "Search the Community" page when you search members & The dropdown menu on your account @Veilon
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