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  1. Found whats going on. Turns out the swiper button link is not just clickable on the button, but the entire text area which is why the background of the text matches the button. I clicked on it and it goes right to the link its supposed to. There is nothing I see in the editor to edit such a thing, I have also tried retyping everything and still nothing. Is this a bug maybe?
  2. https://www.tfneptune.com/ Thanks 😛
  3. Looked through again and cant see what you are talking about. Seems to be no difference between the two however still getting that annoying background in the text box. I might be missing something right infront of my eyes, but heres what im talking about if you didnt understand how I explained 🙂
  4. Hello, Might be a small bug or something on my end, but one of the sliders textbox has the redish background sort of blocking the picture in the slider then the others dont so you can see the picture like I want. Am I missing something small in the editor or is this a bug? 😛 Cant seem to find any differences with the two in the editor. Thanks!
  5. Does this only work for certain themes? Bought and installed, however still am unable to see secondary group pictures in my members profiles.
  6. I run an ArmA3 gaming group and have beebn working on a website for some time. I have most of the home page and theme finished, but none of the background work. So members need to sign in via the website and then head to an application forum to get "accepted" into the group or not. When they are accepted in I want their profile picture to change to a certain picture [the rank they are] as well as the tag of the rank they have automatically [Rec]. As they rank up in the group I want to be able to then take that tag off and add another such as PVT or SGT with other profile pictures. If there a way I can do this automatically or is it all manual? If so how? Any help is great thanks!
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