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  1. Hi there, I have a lot of users with .GIF pictures on my website and I would like to remove all their profile pictures so they cannot upload more gif pictures, I already disabled that.
  2. Hey guys I need help, I'm getting this message on the Admin Dashboard I did configured crontab -e to run everyminute with the command that it gives me and I confirmed its running [/etc/init.d/cron status] but I still get the message
  3. Probably that might be the only option I just wanted to do the full fresh clean installation with just copying the members with forums and posts because in the other installation I was trying tons of themes and plugins all kinds of things and the file system is full of files and a bunch of crap. Also I had member uploads enabled and there is like 10 gb of images and all kinds of stuff.
  4. Where do I start... Here is the thing. I had a IPBoard installation v4.2.6 and I just started a new installation v4.2.7 on because lost some files on the transition of changing hosting company so I have the other database and I was wondering If I can just copy the forums and posts with replies to the new installation. I tried copying the tables directly but It didn't work.
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