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  1. I realize after doing a demo of Invision, as well as signing up for one month on the hosted offering, that Subscriptions are only available if the Commerce application is present. A few other forum products I've also looked at have Subscriptions (and payment provider configuration) included in the base product. In terms of the self-hosted options, Commerce costs an extra $100 initially, plus $70 per year for updates. For someone who will never use any of the various options provided by Commerce, other than Subscriptions/payment providers (and perhaps paid clubs), I am wondering if there are any plans to have a stripped down Commerce option available that would just have basic features.
  2. I tried your Mind theme and I removed it (although I might want to come back to it eventually as I like it). How do I get rid of the little Mind favicon in the left portion of the web browser tab? Thanks




    1. binventive


      Never mind. I am looking into how to clear the favicon from Chrome (which is where it still shows up).

    2. Heosforo


      I think it's a matter of time, assuming you've already cleaned the browser cache.

      Anyways you should be able to change the favicon in your default theme:
      Pencil icon -> Logos -> Favicon.

      Btw the theme Mind is outdated, I think this weekend will be ready to go ^_^

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