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  1. New computer, I didn't think about that I wouldn't have my files that I paid for. But I'll keep this in mind. Definitely not going to pay another $80 to get the software back that I paid over $450+ for. Yeah but the point is I spent over $450+, that should entitle anyone with the amount to have at least access to a download? And nope you lost business.
  2. This isn't really right.. We should have access to whatever version that we last paid. Good to know that I wasted money.
  3. Hello, I recently went to download my paid copy of Invision Power Board, and lo and be hold I am not able to because I have to renew my license. Wait what?? I paid $200 for the Invision Community Suite.. ok, and forums, then additionally I paid another $100 for pages, another $150 for downloads and blogs and some renewals. In total that is $450+!!!! If I do not pay for a renewal you should not refuse access to License URL or download section. Now, I'm not saying he I should always have access to newest updates, No. What I'm saying is that anything previous to the point I stopped paying should be available to me. P.s IPB4 fan boys/girls go away.
  4. We should be able to add Embeds ourselves.
  5. Hello, Not sure if this question is already laying around somewhere, I tried searching it up but every search I did nothing came up. Is it possible to have link that redirects the user to their profile? for example, if Bob is viewing the thread and clicks the link he goes to his profile if Barbra clicks the link shes brought to her page, etc.
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