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    Nahash5150 reacted to InvisionHQ in iAwards   
    @ErickF. It has just been sent to the marketplace for approval. Fingers crossed!
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    Nahash5150 reacted to InvisionHQ in iAwards   
    The transition to 4.5 was not so easy. I am still in the process of updating apps and plugins. It is clear that if Rules is not updated we will find a different solution.
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    Nahash5150 reacted to DanInMS in Vuex (Support Topic)   
    How do I reduce the amount of Staff people to display ? I see 4 buttons but would like to make it only two ? Also would like to reduce the amount of links or remove them entirely.
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    Nahash5150 got a reaction from beardsleydee@gmail.com in iAwards   
    Could someone be so kind and post a step-by-step so that our existing awards data and configuration is preserved as much as possible when upgrading to the new version for IPS 4.5?
    Yes I know I'm an idiot and totally inferior to the great minds that frequent here.
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    Nahash5150 got a reaction from Aethes in Vuex (Support Topic)   
    Any updates? Been finding more white background areas. It appears v4.5 has a lot of background CSS to cover...uhggg
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    Nahash5150 reacted to beardsleydee@gmail.com in iAwards   
    We've been using your award system for 7 years and have numerous badges awarded to members.  Our ability to award new badges disappeared with the upgrade to Invision 4.5.4.   If I purchase your 2.0.2 from the Marketplace, will those old badges go away?  
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    Nahash5150 got a reaction from Aethes in Vuex (Support Topic)   
    Also, you hid the Topic Title...

    I commented it out and updated the CSS for ipsType_pageTitle to reflect the theme's text color.
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    Nahash5150 reacted to Morrigan in IPS V4.5 Topic formatting   
    Topic title is higher than that:

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    Nahash5150 reacted to Aethes in Vuex (Support Topic)   
    Hi @Nahash5150
    I don't think that is handled by themes, but maybe I'm wrong. 🤔
    But glad that is ok now. 🙂
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    Nahash5150 got a reaction from Aethes in Vuex (Support Topic)   
    @Aethes Thank you! It's a very nice theme and you are doing great work.
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    Nahash5150 got a reaction from Edjazoli in Vuex (Support Topic)   
    We have started using this theme and discovered that the top menu 'hamburger' is gone (or way off the boundary of the screen) on mobile devices. The '+' for create new content also seems to draw the slide out menu off the boundary of the screen.

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    Nahash5150 reacted to Aethes in Vuex (Support Topic)   
    Hi @Nahash5150
    Thank you for the report, I was aware of the issue but I totally forgot about it 😕
    I'll update the theme ASAP with the fix.
    I'm so sorry guys.
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    Nahash5150 reacted to bfarber in Merging databases   
    You can use the Converters application (freely available from your client area) to do this. You will be able to convert phpBB into your existing Invision Community. The forums from phpBB will be converted, and the topics/posts placed in those forums as appropriate, and you will then be able to set permissions on those forums, merge them and so on using the built in tools of your existing community.
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    Nahash5150 reacted to opentype in Databases   
    The default LISTING template uses the “forum row” type, that’s true. This can be customized however with knowledge of HTML and the IPS framework. 
    Here are some examples of the same listing view with customizations from my own sites:
    https://typography.guru/term/ https://www.typografie.info/3/Schriften/fonts.html/ https://typography.guru/journal/ https://typography.guru/quote/ https://www.typografie.info/3/wiki.html/a/ As you can see, lots of things are possible. 
    Those are all stock options in one way or another. 
    There is no import option at this time. The Pages database structure can be imported and exported but not the content. 
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    Nahash5150 reacted to Joel R in Databases   
    I was thinking about your problem some more.  As you've probably discovered, there is no Marketplace template for an actual x-y database.  
    One thing you might be able to do, though, is to get the Google Docs plugin, which allows embedding of Google Sheets into the editor.  You would create the data sheets directly on Google Sheets and then embed into the editor.  
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    Nahash5150 reacted to Joel R in Databases   
    The database feature in Pages is not like an Excel database.  The naming can be confusing.  
    You should think of it more as a conceptual CMS database of records, like a newspaper with articles, a book of recipes, a blog of posts, an index of biographies, etc.  
    This is possible.  Let me explain: 
    You first create a database called Products.  You define several custom fields that correspond to each product's characteristics (brand, description, price, datasheet PDF, specsheet pdf, service info, etc).  
    You will populate the database with items.  For each item you will fill out the custom fields.  
    The output templates is where you're probably having trouble.  By default, Pages application only ships with some basic templates (mainly used for an article-style layouts).  You would need to commission or develop custom templates to create an X-Y grid like Excel.  
    You can contact @opentype for paid templates in Pages.  
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