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    Dominyka got a reaction from sobrenome in 4.4: Extend Invision Community with the REST API   
    The endpoints that I could really use for our community:
    Endpoint for getting image thumbnails, not just the images themselves. Endpoint for getting gallery image list from one specifiec category.
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    Dominyka got a reaction from Cybr3x in Welcome to Invision Community 4.5   
    When is this available? 😄 I reaaaaaly need the subscription trial period feature haha
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    Dominyka reacted to Gauravk in 4.5: Commerce Trials   
    OMG, this is worth in gold. Can't wait for it to launch please. Thank you soooooo much guys.
    Hope it includes following suggestions too:
    Coupon code for subscriptions 
    Discounts for subscriptions 
    Changing annual/monthly with flick of button than displaying same subscription twice. Its neat, space saving and above all less confusing or paralyzing for buyers.
    Make checkout super short just to grab credit card first and then display all the fields on next page to expedite checkout.
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    Dominyka reacted to Daniel F in 4.4: Extend Invision Community with the REST API   
    You can use the /gallery/images endpoint for this, it accepts the category as parameter
    * @apiparam string categories Comma-delimited list of category IDs (will also include images in albums in those categories)  
    And the gallery-image apiresponse contains already what you suggested.
    * @apiresponse object images URLs to where the images are stored. Keys are 'original', 'large', and 'small', and values are URLs to the corresponding images  
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