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    sabrond reacted to LaCollision in 10 years! Thank you Invision!   
    ? 10 years! ?
    March 2008 - March 2018

    10 years I've been using Invision Community  
    I just wanted to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the whole Invision team.
    Your software allowed me to build an awesome community, honestly the best in the French poker world: Club Poker. There is also an english version, thanks to IPS Connect.
    Thank you Invision, for all you've allowed me to do. Your development skills are awesome.
    While other forum platforms struggle to deliver ugly and cumbersome interfaces, you've managed to develop a top-of-the-art framework. You've delivered a great user interface, fully-featured, and most importantly highly customizable.
    You've managed to follow the great trends of the always-evolving user experience, along with the new web and mobile technologies. Responsive design, ajax, emojis, oembeds, rich text editor, notifications, external login handlers, image uploads, members mentions, reactions, spam defense, REST APIs… Over the years, you've never rested on your laurels, and this is your strength.
    Our ability to develop our own applications, hooks, themes, plug-ins, is unbeatable. The Invision Suite offers hundreds of features, but we always have the possibility to extend them, or even to remove them. The power of your platform resides in its flexibility.
    Of course, many areas can still be improved, but with your framework, we are always able to tune things as we want them to be.
    Yes, it requires to be a developer to be able to achieve great modifications, but the framework is so full of features out-of-the-box that it surpasses other frameworks, and Invision has become my primary choice to start new projects.
    I'm looking forward to launch new projects with the Invision Suite, and on the contrary to other frameworks, I feel very excited to use your platform.
    I can't end this post without stressing out one of the best things at Invision: your support. Everybody at your team is so prompt to answer, and this is really reassuring to know that we can count on your team when developing a project.
    Keep up the good work!
    See you in another 10 years  
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    sabrond reacted to Matt in 10 years! Thank you Invision!   
    Wow, LaCollision, this is one of the nicest things I've ever read!
    I'm so grateful that you took the time to post this, and of course for your continued custom. I'm overwhelmed actually by your words and it's very humbling to know that we're on the right path with our products.
    Thank you so much!

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    sabrond reacted to ZakRhyno in Community & Client Area   
    Signing in to the community then I have to sign in to Client Area. It just a little pain to do both all the time. I thought IPB had a Master Slave thing that allows for to installs to talk to each other so that they can be not connected but still have the same sign in or share the same allow signin so thus I don't have to signin twice. Hope that made sense. I just got to keep signing in twice all the time just a bane. Could this be fix to allow one signin for both one time?
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    sabrond reacted to socceronly in Ability to hide/show a Category in Commerce   
    Ah, yeah.  Good idea.
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    sabrond reacted to socceronly in Ability to hide/show a Category in Commerce   
    This would be really helpful to show / hide all the products in a category in the store.
    Seasonal, events ect.... 
    Just a thought....
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    sabrond reacted to opentype in Ability to hide/show a Category in Commerce   
    Yes. And the way to do that would be through category permissions, like they exist in other parts on the suite. Weird that doesn’t exist in Commerce. 
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    sabrond reacted to Charles in 4.3 Search Changes   
    We announced the 4.3 search improvements recently. If you have not had a look please read the news entry:
    One of the big changes was the addition of Elasticsearch as an option but there were improvements to search overall no matter what method you are using.
    Right now we are using normal MySQL searching along with the new interface and backend logic. Later this week we will enabling Elasticsearch.
    So I wanted to give everyone notice of this upcoming change so those of you who are heavy search users could compare the search experience now and then later this week when Elasticsearch is enabled. I will let you know in this topic when we do that.
    As always, please post beta bugs in the bug tracker. Thanks!
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    sabrond reacted to JoshB84 in I can only have records in one category?   
    You have 2 categories in this database. You can only have 1 category to store records in the database directly.
    I am confused so I have to make a separate database for each category in pages now? I just renewed my IPB license to start on my site again. I finally have the time to work on it. I didn't think I had to make a separate database for each category before.

    I have added articles to more than 1 category. I am just wondering what the warning is for now. 
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    sabrond reacted to kmk in Modern menu   
    Why do not create a menu style like Samsung note?  other screenshot is monosnap icon on screen...
    - we can use all screen to show content and reading....

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    sabrond reacted to RevengeFNF in 4.2.6 - Is Redis now the better option?   
    Thank you
    Going to try it later today.
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    sabrond reacted to nodle in 4.2.6 - Is Redis now the better option?   
    For those of you that use a socket port I just found out by the support that it won't work, they need a port number instead. For example:

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    sabrond reacted to AlexWright in Tinyjpg - Optimize JPEG and PNG images automatically   
    Having image-optimization tech built in to the Suite would be magnificent. While I understand the need for compression for the web, my users do not. Something that will automatically compress and optimize images uploaded to the site is a must! Definitely support this.
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    sabrond reacted to Matt in 4.2.6 - Is Redis now the better option?   
    Redis is definitely the recommended caching engine now, yes.
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    sabrond reacted to Bill Edwards in Preview Post   
    Dear All
    I've tried searching with no luck.
    How do I "Preview Post" in V4 please?
    Many Thanks
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    sabrond reacted to CallieJo in profile privacy in IPB 4   
    Count my vote once again for this. Most people are accustomed to this type of profile privacy. Let the end-user have a choice, please.

    I would like to add that an add as friend link should be on the profile if the profile is set to friends only so people can request to be their friend from the profile.
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    sabrond reacted to wingman23 in profile privacy in IPB 4   
    Just wondering if there is any chance of this being implemented. I know we knocked this subject about ages ago but still think its important to address in the light of this modernization of the software.

    Its all about giving members a choice, even a simple one, (do i want non friends to be able to see my profile page).

    Even the " its good to share everything, privacy sucks" facebook, allows this option..

    Any hope at all for this very important feature being built in this time :thumbsup:
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    sabrond reacted to Adriano Faria in Auto Reply to Topics   
    ​All previous buyers can download it now.
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