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  1. You should make your site user-friendly, not Google-friendly.
  2. Like this? Very "improved"... OMG 😱 "elements having room to breathe" © Rikki 🤣😭 It should look like this:
  3. Too much empty space. It looks like an abstract Dribbble-layout for a portfolio, not for real use.
  4. Do you really think that someone will use the "Email" button??
  5. ^ You have been asking for a dark theme for so long that during this time you could have done it yourself.
  6. If you click on the text of the menu items, then everything is fine. But if you click on empty space or on italic text, the menu item is highlighted, but the pop-up window closes: Users never click specifically on the text (#1), they always click on the menu item itself (#2) and do not expect this pop-up window to close: This behavior is very annoying. Pop-up window should not close after click. In the client area they said it was not a bug 😐, so I should write a suggestion on the forum...
  7. I completely removed this block in the template, because these huge buttons are absolutely useless in this place and take up a lot of space.
    Very useful and handy plugin. My forum is dedicated to computer games. Different games have their own categories. Using the Ground Control plugin, I set various background images into these categories. Support is very responsive and quickly helps with questions 👍
  8. Yes, but the constant loading of images and "shaking" of the page is annoying. This feature is useful for speeding up the initial loading of a page, but when viewing a page it does not make sense and looks bad.
  9. I didn't find such plugins, so I created this topic. In any case, I think this should be the default in the next version of Invision Community.
  10. Will Invision Community 4.4 include CKEditor 5? If not, then I would like the font size button and text alignment button to be like in CKEditor 5. 1. Font size: This button looks better on the toolbar. The list of options is simple, concise and convenient. In addition, it will not allow users to make the font size too small or too large. 2. Text alignment: This button takes up less space on the toolbar, and it is more convenient to use it in the editor on a smartphone, for example.
  11. My small forum — https://nightmarish-dream.ru/forum/
  12. I think that the "Maximum image dimensions to display" option is what you need. Just specify a small value there. This option creates thumbnails, and when you click on the image, it opens in the original size in a new tab.
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