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  1. You need this feature once a year and therefore you want to add extra buttons to the editor window? Brilliant solution! (No)
  2. No wonder. Most people are stupid and lack an understanding of good design. OMG 😱🤣😭
  3. I've had it for several years on 4.4
  4. But this is precisely why there is a responsive layout - so that the page looks equally good on different devices and different screen sizes. But I feel there is a lot of space here that can be saved. Why are all the elements so huge? This is not a touch screen. Why do you pay so much attention to secondary elements there (highlighted in red), dropping the main content to the bottom of the page? Author / date creation. I wrote about the author and the date of creation here. Follow. Forums with thousands of members and millions of posts, but several p
  5. Wow, I love this minimalistic quoting that doesn't take up space: Invision is so dated 😞
  6. Maybe a toggle button to enable compact view in all categories / topics of the forum?
  7. It's Full HD. The main content is marked in green. More than half of the screen at the top is occupied by secondary useless information. And if we use a logo with a large header, then the main content will generally be at the very bottom of the page.
  8. On a smartphone, the follow button is located... at the bottom of the page.
  9. Yes, that's exactly what I'm talking about 👍🏻 I wrote about this and showed it on screenshots many times before the release of 4.5. I hope that at least after this discussion, the developers will pay attention to the problem of huge empty space, which worries not only me.
  10. Once again. It is enough to compare screenshot 4.4 and 4.5. The main content (list of topics / posts) should be displayed as high as possible on the page. This was the case in 4.4. Now, I open a forum and half of the screen is taken up by useless elements and empty space. 20 years wasted. So sad... 😭
  11. I can take a screenshot of forum 4.4 where everything was fine. Lol! Why did they move the follow button to a separate line, which takes up a HUGE white space??? Previously, this button was in the title bar and did not take up extra space. Read "Web Design For Dummies" before commenting here.
  12. No! The follow button is on a separate line, taking up a huge white space!
  13. I remember creating a bug report about this a long time ago. Wasn't this bug fixed in 4.5?: Fixed an issue where multiple YouTube embeds in an editor could lead to the editor wrapper overflowing its bounds.
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