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  1. Yes, I mean user could view forums but wouldn't be able to post unless made a topic on specific forum (welcome forum).
  2. Hi @Miss_B! Nice plugin. Could you add an option "must post topic"? Then one could chose in which forum users must create a topic. Also, could you add an option so that registered user can view the forum but before posting he/she must make a post/topic... ? Hope I made it clear 🙂
  3. Good observations. I would also like to have an option to delete chosen events - for example I've changed thread title 2 times and then user changed title 1 time and basically there are 3 moderation events visible (that's too much IMHO). Would be good to have a delete option (permission based).
  4. Thanks @Nathan Explosion I'll attach screenshots next time as advised.
  5. @Adriano Faria Thank for the plugin! I've got the same problem as @Joy Rex (it shows only "1 viewing" despite more users). Could you add a possiblity to translate "viewing" in regard to 1 user in other language? I mean an ability to change translation to {%s [1:viewing][?:viewing]}
  6. HI! It seems that application does not respect values set under "Show in these forums". I have set a post message to show only in 4 forums but it shows in all forums (value "All forums" is unchecked at settings page). I'm using latest IPS version, issue still exist on unmodified default IPS theme. Issue is related to "Post message". "Topis message" works fine and shows only in defined forums.
  7. Hi @All Astronauts! Regarding: Any possibility to add this as one of the options? I actually enjoyed that formating (without additional text - only icon and date + tooltip).
  8. Hello. Is this plugin able to show unread/read topics/posts or just shows the latests? What's the refresh time?
  9. Could you add an option to not show pinned/locked/hidden topics in the list?
  10. Hello, I've got 3 questions: 1) how is is possible to change the number formating in the forum? I would like to use a dot instead of comma. Also, is it possible to display full number of replies instead of shortcut? 2) Image proxy is no longer supported in 4.5 Therefore what about old images that were downloaded using image proxy? Do they remain or they will be deleted? 3) In 4.5 background of forum categories is one color, while 4.4 and below offered 2 colors: Is it possible to make it display like that? Thanks.
  11. Admin panel -> Community -> (Forums) Settings -> Topic Summary Settings
  12. @Adriano Faria Any possibility to reactivate a plugin called "Users Viewing Forums"? (reference: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/357485-hq-members-viewing-forums/ )
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