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    How is it renewed? I can't see the option ..
  1. Hi. Do you have an online demo to evaluate?
  2. Hi... explicitly try the conversión e.i.: $num = "3.14"; $int = (int)$num; $float = (float)$num; ADD: https://php.net/manual/en/language.types.type-juggling.php
  3. I can't think of anything obvious that would cause this. I would need full board access to troubleshoot this further. Assuming this is happening across various IPB functions though, I would probably recommend trying with them first because I've never encountered this before and they would have a better idea where to first start. @Mike John I have identified the root cause, it was not the application, but rather the permission on the Application folder, with the change of version and use of PHP 7.2, this feature is more restrictive and forces you to have folders 755 access. Thank you in advance for the time to respond and review the consultations and support provided.
  4. Hello.. The problem in my platform is in the js.php function that generates a 500 ISE error. This error occurs in other IPS functions, for example when trying to upload a photo to the user's profile, both in the public profile and through ACP. I opened another thread to see the root cause of this error. Error
  5. in my installation it does not work, I was asked for admin access to review, a private message was sent with access, but to date it has not been read .. the message was sent on March 14th. Now I find out that the application is free .. !! 😞
  6. Hello @Mike John .. a few days ago I sent you private access to admin ...
  7. It is on a physical server, not in the cloud, I will contact you by private message.
  8. Hi @Mike John Use Safari and Chrome, in both the symptom is present. I deleted the navigated cache and IPS, but it is not resolved.
  9. Hi @Mike John I am testing the 4.4.1 update and the "Auto Welcome" application does not work the message entry box .. In version 4.3.6 In version 4.4.1
  10. Hi @opentype .. I am trying to incorporate the google-play icon, but it is not possible to visualize it. I leave the icon link available in FontAwesome https://fontawesome.com/icons?d=gallery&q=google-play It will be by the script between the words (google-play) .. ?? because with the Google icon, it works well. Regards,
  11. Here I try to explain better, I hope you understand.
  12. Hello.. It is possible that the application in a next version, can register the activity of those who participate with votes in the surveys., Thinking only of registered users. Regards,
  13. Thanks for answering @Joel R Right, they are voluntary and I am interested in knowing who has voted, directed only to registered users. I am not interested in knowing how many options you have selected or voted, I am only interested in knowing if I am voting for the survey. Again, it is not in my interest to know the options that you have voted, it is only to have information if the user has voted, to have a summary of all the polls that you have voted. The surveys are aimed at registered users of the community. I'm not interested in the guests. Bad suggestion, the context of my surveys is associated with the products and services that are advertised in the community, it would be very strange to ask users to use a Google tool to evaluate. As IPS has management tools in the AdminACP to: User activity, where they are, where they comment ..... etc. IP activity, where did you comment, where did you register ... etc. Moderation panels, content deleted, content to be approved ..... etc. There should be an extension that lets you know if a user has voted and in how many polls you have voted. Thansks….
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