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  1. Excellent I shall sort all that out tomorrow. Getting late here in Oz :)
  2. Sorry to be a pain @Thomas. but I have forced subscription on so everyone has to subscribe (we are a paid community - completely). When they click on subscribe will they still be asked for the display name etc - like this Account Information Display Name REQUIRED Email Address REQUIRED Password REQUIRED Confirm Password REQUIRED and then just not bother with the billing address bit?
  3. @Thomas. does this work on the Invision cloud hosted forums?
  4. Has this been completed yet? I too would like to turn it off - I have no need for everyone's address and they don't like supplying it.
  5. OH "upcoming" - can't wait. I loved the old subscriptions system before the painful Nexus/Commerce etc etc
  6. I mean in the admin cp - there is no 'subscriptions' tab like it was shown in the article. I can do renewing packages but it doesn't work at all like the Subscriptions where the customer can actually see their expiry date.
  7. I cannot see subscriptions anywhere in Commerce and I am hosted by Invision?
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