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    Cruizin reacted to bfarber in Implement better compression for pasted images   
    This relies on the maximum image dimensions to display and maximum image dimensions to store in the AdminCP. Use the live search to look for "images" or similar to find the options.
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    Cruizin reacted to The Heff in Restrict guests from uncovering spoilers   
    @onlyME has a mod (I think) that restricts certain posts to only members who "react" to the topic, meaning they would have to be logged in to see the content. It could do what you're after quite nicely.
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    Cruizin reacted to TDBF in Website Footer (Support Topic)   
    It's not an application, it is a plugin. Sign into your ACP, go to system, plugins, click on the upload button and upload the file.
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    Cruizin reacted to Adlago in Help, how to make forum default home page   
    In the Applications menu, click the star to the right, in the Forums row
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    Cruizin reacted to opentype in How to modify Commerce?   
    The option was added a while ago in the Commerce settings.

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    Cruizin reacted to Sonya* in Google - Breadcrumb issue   
    They have fixed it in the newest version. You have to update and validate the fix. I have just received a confirmation that it is solved:

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    Cruizin reacted to marklcfc in Why not offer push notifications solution   
    Better than not at all though in the meantime
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    Cruizin reacted to Matt in Why not offer push notifications solution   
    Me too. Apple are keeping it locked down still. :/ 
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    Cruizin got a reaction from LaCollision in Imgur integration   
    Yeah, the only forum Imgur likes is Reddit. 
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    Cruizin got a reaction from Fosters in Partner / Sponsors Page - Supporttopic   
    Damn, thats freakin awesome. Sold! 
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    Cruizin got a reaction from The Old Man in Google Cloud Storage new free tier with IPS 4.2x filestorage   
    Bump, anyone know? Im mega interested in this. 
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