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  1. Thanks for you answer. By the time you posted it I tried but got an error. I decided to upgrade to 4.5 before trying again but I still get the following error: ErrorException: Object of class IPS\cms\Records5 could not be converted to string (4096) I tried to paste the line you suggested somewhere in the record template below the date an entry was published. I hope I understood it correctly. I appreciate if you have any other suggestions. Thanks.
  2. From what I understand from this answer, the plugin shows reading time for Pages (database entries) by default, right? I just bought but it only worked on forums in my case. Can you help? Thanks, Fernando
  3. My users keep asking for a Telegram group to have a quick chat but I'm afraid that could reduce the forums participation plus not necessarily registered members would be there. Also, if users discuss in a Telegram group for instance, we lose the opportunity to have those specific questions posted in forums and have it available forever in a organized way. How do I fix this? Any ideas? I know I can setup a chat on forums, but that's not what they want. They want to use their phones instead. I'm inclined to create such group, but still afraid of the consequences.
  4. Around 70% of my users access my website using mobile and this number only increases. A mobile app that could notify the user about new content is now needed IMHO. Forums simply can't compete with Telegram groups or Slack channels, or Discord app for instance.
  5. Hi, I just needed that and did: mysql> SELECT tid,title,start_date,topic_firstpost,topic_open_time FROM forums_topics; +-----+-----------------------------------------------+------------+-----------------+-----------------+ | tid | title | start_date | topic_firstpost | topic_open_time | +-----+-----------------------------------------------+------------+-----------------+-----------------+ | 2 | Ghost pela rede | 1198202400 | 2 | 1198202400 | | 3 | Extensões perigosas no Windows
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