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  1. Bit of a fiddle but this will give you what you need in a roundabout way. You can use it to inject code or IPS blocks and templates anywhere on the site and it's controller and url sensitive too. It's not been updated for a while as the author was/is? ill, but the support forum has an entry stating it appears to be 4.6 compatible. Nice site by the way. Very cool. Chris
  2. I know you are looking for changes to be made to core, but in the meantime have you looked at CSS grid template areas? I appreciate that in most cases you'll have to target entities using CSS :nth-child(), or nth child range, which is a pain, but you can come up with some very cool layouts (also see point 2 below *) https://css-tricks.com/simple-named-grid-areas/ Two things I'd like to see in Pages: 1/ Repeating fields - see ACF Pro for how this might work. 2/ Entity CSS class names. Same goes for custom blocks, forums, in fact anything that has a config section in the ACP should have the ability to assign a class names string to the entity being edited/configured. Would make client side positioning* so much easier. I appreciate we can create and assign our own pages templates, but the lack of literal class name assignments seems a bit of an oversight to me.
  3. I bound 5000+ Pages records to a Datatable recently and it loaded quite quickly and once loaded, filtered and paged almost instantaneously. You can also do near real time search of the table contents too and it naturally supports multiple anded keywords in the search string. It will also group by category if you set the options correctly. It’s a very nice tool and very easy to bind to. Just alter the listing template (iirc) to render the contents out to a formal table, including thead, and on document load bind the table to the Datatable using jQuery. It also works very well on mobile, allowing you to define which columns remain visible and which are revealed when you click the record. If you are interested I think I still have some screengrabs somewhere that I shared with another member here. It shows a fully loaded Datatable bound to Google maps running in our in dev Pages recruitment app. it’s a great tool and went down very well with beta testers.
  4. Nice job guys - when all is said and done, it's the people behind the scenes that make it all real.
  5. Thanks, that appears to have solved it for now.
  6. Hey Hack Alert Not fully understanding your need here, but generally can't you just mark the common container as flex (assuming it's not already) and order the contents using media queries and order:-1/+1 etc? It won't work if you just want to move one sidebar item to the top of the page on mobile, but if you want to reposition the entire sidebar above main area then it should be fine. Remember, when in mobile mode, set flex container direction to flex-direction: column; Alternatively, if that doesn't work for you and you need this in a hurry, as a temp workaround, set page contents to display none and move stuff around on page load with jQ/JS, with events etc, and then show it when done. Messy, but has worked for me in the past. You could probably also move stuff around in the templates, but given you want to display things differently on mobile and desktop you will probably end up rendering them twice and revealing them as needed with media queries. If it's the same site as were discussing recently and you want to try the CSS only route, drop me a line and I will see if a few lines of CSS will fix it for you in the short term. Edit: assuming you haven't tried the CSS only route already.
  7. Sorry @InvisionHQ Not a github user. Can I post this bug report here? Invision 4.5.2 Classifieds: 2.2.2 (current version I believe) Trying to update images in existing ad and get the following on save:
  8. Hey, I just went to your demo site and tried searching using the search box in the header and it returns 0 results. Is it broken? Seeing this in the console:
  9. This may not suit if you are looking for an instant solution, but if you have a little time you can use a Pages database to store businesses and something like Supergrid will do a great job of presenting them. Also take a look at Links Directory. This is intended to provide a directory of web links, but assuming a business has a web address there's no reason why you couldn't use it to promote members' businesses. In both cases you might want to curate (create) the businesses yourself as I am not sure that Pages, or Links, can restrict users to only posting one 'business'. I could be wrong though.
  10. This might give you some of what you need:
  11. You guys might want to read this:
  12. Hey, we are in the process of customising the look and feel of the Gallery, so thanks for posting this. Can you explain a little more about what you mean here? I've been reading your comment and viewing the gallery at the same time (4.5) and wasn't sure what you are referring to. Totally agree with you there, we haven't even launched yet and this cropped up a few times during beta testing. I was thinking that Invision had done a very good job with uploads - not sure how much simpler it could be, and if you get your wish with images having the ability to reside in multiple albums, then that will add another layer of complexity (album selections) on upload. I'm a fan of Xenforo but never really got on with its image gallery. Perhaps we should take another look as we disabled it a couple of years back and maybe they've made improvements in the meantime. But, I do prefer the way Xenforo handles videos, especially its FFmpeg transcoding. Same old story really, no one forum vendor is best in class across all the areas it caters for. Generally I like the Gallery app although I am not a fan of the presentation layer in general. For example, I like the lightbox integration but not that you sometimes end up on the image's page when you close the popup, whereas other times you return to the screen that was present before you clicked on the image. Thanks for posting. Edit: One other thing to add is image uploads and file renaming. Currently if I want to prettify image names which are used by default as captions, I have to open every image and edit the caption to hide the underlying file name which was used to generate the caption on upload. Not everybody has a naming convention for images stored on their desktop, and almost certainly not on their phones, so being able to assign a naming sequence on batch upload, or single image upload, would be a nice to have. Not a deal breaker but I can see that's lots of images on my B2B Film & TV community are going to look untidy when someone checks out the caption in the lightbox, only to find a potentially very ugly (and perhaps compromising) filename, instead of something more appropriate.
  13. In the early 80s I'd just left warring Sudan and found myself instead building my first PC in Hong Kong - 40 years ago no less. I'd upgraded the motherboard to include a NEC V20, replacing the 8088 and later on added a ripped off Mountain Race Card with a 286 and on board ramdisk - great for Flight Simulator. I went on to be an assembler programmer and a well known hacker (those days are behind me), so the experience wasn't wasted. Nor were the pubs outside my apartment in Wanchai ☺️. I'm caught in a middle ground. I'm empathetic by nature and my first reaction is always to try and put myself in that person's shoes. The issue comes with how to show support. I often feel that an emoji is not enough, but on the other hand a reply often seems too much - or invasive. I suppose it comes down to having the choice and applying judgement to that choice - as best one can. But more often than not I don't respond at all (or write something and delete it, sometimes many times a day) and I don't think that's necessarily solved by more granular emoji choices, but it's definitely not solved by lack of choice. But, thinking more on this, one of the barriers to offering more support, be that via emoji, gag video/animation, or heartfelt comment, is the often lack of feedback from those actions. It seems that a lot of folks want sympathy and support only from a subset of their audience (friends, sympathisers etc), not from their audience as a whole. Which echoes the real world I guess, with the obvious difference being that it's very difficult to ignore anyone face to face, whereas in a forum, turning your back is as easy as ignoring a reaction or scrolling past a comment. For example this thread might have prompted 1000 physical responses in the form of reactions and comments, but it's a fraction of the total number of emotional responses experienced by folks reading it. Perhaps that's one of the metrics of an online community - how much of what is felt actually makes its way into the thread in the way of visible support and other appropriate behaviour. Given the economic climate I would have liked to have seen some form of loyalty coupons over the past year, redeemable against licence renewals. The cash value isn't important, but the sentiment is. Whilst wholly supporting attempts to address the non communityness of the community here, there are times like today and yesterday and..., that I wish the energies were instead directed into the platform.
  14. Giphy's mostly do - but they don't necessarily describe the image in the way it's being used, which could lead to some hilarious unintended consequences - unless the poster modifies them to reflect what they would otherwise have said. Thanks for the links. Looking forward to seeing how they develop.
  15. Is this the place to request a late addition to 4.6? Only half joking, but thinking granular control of what folks can post in topics and comments might come in handy. I for one am not a fan all of the street furniture that's appeared in this 'community' over the past couple of months, but appreciate of course, that for every one like me, there's probably several who think the complete opposite. With this in mind, catering for both sides of the divide makes sense to me, allowing administrators to control what can be posted beyond the current globally allowed file types. I do believe @Nathan Explosion has a plugin that achieves some of this (which I hope to purchase in the near future), but it doesn't as far as I know have a 60+ OAP switch allowing oldies like me to be able to browse forums just like we used to 20/30 years ago. On a more serious note, such functionality, both in the hands of the administrator and end users would allow us to control what we see at the individual forum level, beyond being able to hide signatures. Of course hiding or preventing the use of animations and the like (I own a VFX business, so I'm not totally averse) would of course mean that many comments would, for many of us, go unread. Which at the moment some might say isn't a bad thing, plus of course, folks suspecting they aren't being 'read' by the topic's entire audience might well instead resort to that old favourite - letters and words. In saying that, perhaps the creators of Giphy and the like have missed a trick. Shouldn't they have designed (or have they already?) their witty delivery mechanism to include a native alt attribute so that post/comment authors could include real words for those blocking the graphical part of the content. Or, in lieu of this, perhaps Invision could allow our humorously minded friends the option of adding an alt attribute to images of all types (without needing to add a CKEditor image plugin), so that we can see what they meant, even if we decide to block what they intended. To the principle reason for commenting. I think Invision Community should be both proud and thankful that so many of its clients are still around after so many years. For example, selecting solely from this topic, @The Old Man and @Chris Anderson have both (if I've interpreted their joined date correctly) been here for 17+ years and @Kjell Iver Johansen, for 9+ years, whilst evidently, also caring very much about the platform. As for me, I'm relatively new here, but older than most it seems, but I share with those mentioned a deep desire to go about my business in the most efficient way possible, if only because at my time of life (61) time isn't an endless resource and I'd rather spend it as frugally as possible. Finally from me tonight, I do hope the community can pull together here. I've made representations to @Matt about this just recently. I am very pleased to see that an investment has been made in hiring a (semi?) dedicated resource in @Jordan Invision, but I would ask that more care is taken to involve the community as a whole. Otherwise as others have outlined, some of us might find it difficult to contribute. Now although me holding my tongue might suit some of you, I do feel the community will suffer disproportionately if some of the older, more experienced regulars here, stop contributing in the ways that they have done. Looking forward to 4.6 and beyond. Thanks for a great platform.
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