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    ahc got a reaction from Makoto in Charging to change URL?   
    No personal offense to OP here, but usually people who get antsy or upset at simple deterrents are usually, in my experience, the people those deterrents exist for. 
    Seems a bit premature for you to accuse and make insinuating remarks without properly consulting the appropriate people for more information.  Adds insult to injury when you turn around and state you probably wouldn't need to use the service to begin with.  I find it best to leave opinions in a constructive manner without the dramatics.
    People who intend to abuse the system, like stated before, will either be discouraged or have to fork over the fee to make it worth the time of staff to cater to these types of "clients".  People who aren't abusing the system will likely be helped without any red tape.  This type of practice is very common and confidently exists in majority of companies today in some capacity.
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    ahc reacted to kmk in Landing Page ( Support Topic )   
    I have 2 main block (single image) created, between two items cards have so much gap space. 

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    ahc reacted to kmk in Landing Page ( Support Topic )   
    Hi @TheJackal84
    1. Could you add ability to choose which topics to use for Forum Posts? 
    2. Kn forum posts block, add support to show pictures, videos and others Editor buttons, e.g. Spoiler and Quotes... 
    3. For Forum Topics, add ability to select topics. Right now only can be selected by forums. 
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    ahc reacted to kmk in Landing Page ( Support Topic )   
    Forum post, add automatically change to next post randomly. 
    After reload the page, if I don't touch it, the carousel don't go to next post. 
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    ahc reacted to kmk in Landing Page ( Support Topic )   
    Main block need truncate content, or increase the width for content. 

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    ahc reacted to kmk in Landing Page ( Support Topic )   
    Need adjust the button position in Forum posts carousel 

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    ahc reacted to kmk in Landing Page ( Support Topic )   
    Hi, right now I am using the Forum posts as Notices in the landing page, but it seems with topic title and author name repeated and occupy the mobile screen space. 
    Can I request some block style that serve for show public notices? Without title. 

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    ahc reacted to kmk in Landing Page ( Support Topic )   
    Same with Forum Topics carousel 

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    ahc got a reaction from Matt in Lot of empty translation strings   
    +1 +1 +1
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    ahc reacted to 13. in Ability to report user   
    Currently we can report only content items, but sometimes it would be useful to report a user, for example in cases when user account was made is only in order to leave links in it's profile and "About me" section, like this.

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    ahc got a reaction from bradl in Photo Competition (Support Topic)   
    @Andy Millne
    Couple Questions/Suggestions
    1) It was suggested a while ago for the option to allow anonymous entries.  Is this something on the list or are you not interested?
    2) Is there a way for us to add custom fields to the entry submission form?  If not, I'd like to suggest that as well for the purpose of requesting credit for all resources used in the entries when applicable.
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    ahc reacted to aXenDev in [Dark / Light] Fluent Design Theme Edition - Topic Support   
    Probably the last version of the beta theme just appeared before the final version.
    If I have forgotten about a problem, please let me know.
    @Noble~ and @ahc Let me know if everything is all right.
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    ahc got a reaction from aXenDev in [Dark / Light] Fluent Design Theme Edition - Topic Support   
    Anyway we can pick and choose which application(s) to show the slider individually in a future update?  I'd like it to show on the forums and our default homepage, but right now we only have the option to show it on just the forums or everywhere.
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    ahc reacted to Michael.J in Expired Purchase Followup (Support)   
    Yes will work with both subscriptions and normal products, as long as it has a "renewal" it will work.
    Both the subject and message fields are translatable for all the followup settings.
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    ahc reacted to aXenDev in [Dark / Light] Fluent Design Theme Edition - Topic Support   
    Please write to me on a private message with a link to the error.
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    ahc reacted to SoftwareFactory in Brilliant Discord Integration   
    Not yet, but we will look for possible solutions of this problem soon.
    Brilliant Discord Integration is more popular than we expected it to be. Initially, we aimed to provide a simple way to synchronize that would fit everybody's basic needs. Brilliant DI is now responsible for synchronizing hundreds of thousands of people.
    Since there is more and more demand for new Brilliant features and we want to provide even greater experience, we are considering development of the next generation of Brilliant Discord Integration. The first generation is not ready for some cool features. Currently, we are working hard on another Brilliant application which may arrive soon to the Marketplace, so it won't arrive soon (if ever), but we have a basic concept for it.
    It could deliver even more exciting experience (which is unusual in Marketplace). The basic configuration wizard would no longer force clients to create Discord bots themselves, and members could interact with the community using the Brilliant Bot. And the performance would significantly increase. We have a concept for a technology that would allow you to use Brilliant DI seamlessly - you could even forget Rate Limits and most of the unusual errors which sometimes happen due to bad server configuration.
    But that's not all. Did you even thought how useful it would be to change member's roles on Discord and have them changed on your Invision Community website? This would save a lot of time.
    And the thing many of you wait for - multiple server support. We have many clients that have 2 or more Discord servers for a single community - for example, a separate server for staff. This is very convenient - so convenient (or more) could Brilliant Discord Integration be.
    These are a few basic ideas, but it would be great to hear your feedback about them.
    Answering your question... 😄 We will consider it. Thank you for your suggestion.
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    ahc got a reaction from SoftwareFactory in Brilliant Discord Integration   
    I'm ready to hit the buy button.
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    ahc got a reaction from SoftwareFactory in Brilliant Discord Integration   
    This might be a long shot, but I had a question/suggestion for this.
    Is it at all possible for a member (who has their Discord account synced with their website account) to receive alerts of new website notifications in a single Discord private DM thread?  Discord is used by a solid majority of my members, and since there is no native app for Invision communities yet, this could be an awesome alternative for mobile notifications for the time being. 
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    ahc got a reaction from tonyv in Should be a way to control the number of threads per page.   
    ACP > Community Tab > "Settings" under Forums > Scroll down to Topic Settings

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    ahc reacted to Adriano Faria in DON'T TH-LINK FOR ME, THANKS!   
    There are new rules for marketplace submissions and this is one of them indeed: we can’t “reintroduce” things removed by IPS.
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    ahc reacted to aXenDev in [Dark / Light] Fluent Design Theme Edition - Topic Support   
    Admin panel support will be in BETA 3 version.
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    ahc got a reaction from aXenDev in [Dark / Light] Fluent Design Theme Edition - Topic Support   
    On the ACP, the tabs and font colors clash with each other. (White text on very light gray background.)

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    ahc got a reaction from Adriano Faria in Pay to Pin Topics   
    When I am home and on my PC I’ll purchase this!!
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    ahc got a reaction from Cyboman in About the new support system   
    There has been a lot of feedback suggesting ways to improve Commerce Support, and none of them were really asking them to be a contender for a Zendesk alternative like one of the Invision staff insinuated when someone else questioned the decision.  I was hoping some improvements would be made in the last 2 years we've been here, things like front-end notifications for ticket replies or admins being assigned to a ticket, members receiving front-end notifications if their tickets were responded to by staff, etc. since we've been asking for this since day 1.  Them moving to Zendesk only confirms the fear that support will forever remain as it is since they now no longer use it themselves, and the responsibility will be dropped on the laps of third party developers like so many other things that you would assume would be in the software by default.
    I don't work for them, so I'm not aware of the supposed extreme circumstances that made abandoning your own software to migrate to another make more sense than to improve on what you already have and charge others for, but I'm not here to argue about support numbers.  It is what it is.
    We let our license expire until we felt there were substantial improvements that would justify the renewal since we ultimately pay for nothing except small patches that fix Invision's mistakes, not even support. We learned quickly how to solve our own issues since dealing with support often leads people in circles of blaming everyone else. I don't come here often anymore since there's really no need for me to, but each time I do I'm disappointed in most things I see posted here.  The upcoming mobile app was a small glimmer of hope, but not enough to bring us back and restart our license.
    We'll probably start the steps to discuss migrating to a different platform by the beginning of 2020. We've already found a contender that checks 99% of our boxes and then some, but we were hoping Invision would catch up at some point to make me feel less guilty about all the money we've put into this software.  They still advertise clubs as a new feature on the landing page when they've existed since we started here, so it's my fault for having higher expectations.  Again, it is what it is.
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    ahc reacted to Martin A. in Bug with adding attachments ( This site )   
    I reported this bug 10 days ago. It happens to all sites using S3, or a custom file storage URL that isn't the same as the base URL for the installation. This happened due to a change in 4.4.7. Will be fixed in the next maintenance release, but not sure if that will be 4.4.8 or 4.5.0.
    Ticket ID #37482
    And it only happens if you embed it into the post. If you leave it out, the comment will be created and the video automatically appended. But you'll get the same error if you try to edit that comment.
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