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File Reviews posted by ahc

  1. Best theme on the market for my type of community, hands down.  I love the features and I love that the author is constantly adding more and improving what's already there.  My members love customization and this will help scratch that itch for them when we finally release it.  We're also able to get rid of a few old apps/plugins because of the built-in features.  

    The only con I can think of is the renewal price being a tad steep (about half the cost of the theme itself).  If the customer service and updates stay consistent, I'd look at it as an investment rather than a cost, but I know some may be deterred by it.

  2. I've been trying to avoid buying third-party software because of how often they're abandoned, but sometimes there's no way around it when you really need a feature within your website.  This is exactly what my community needed due to countless amounts of bounced emails and members complaining they weren't receiving their notifications--not realizing their information was incorrect.  I've noticed a huge spike in account re-verifications due to updates and I couldn't be any happier.

  3. We just started using this a few days ago and this application is awesome.  Very easy to set up a raffle or giveaway, even for non-techy type people.  (It's as simple as adding the information and hitting save.)  Adriano is very open to suggestions and their support can easily be ranked at the top compared with other authors.  Ran into a minor issue that they graciously fixed up in only a day!  Will always support this developer and the great content they produce here.

  4. We've been wanting to add in a system like this for a while now but were kind of hesitant on whether or not it could be used for our purposes.  (We wanted to replace an event system we had in place with this, not necessarily use it as a global system.)  We finally got this and it's been absolutely amazing to work with. 

    We know there's a similar system out there that's a lot easier to work with for those who aren't savvy with creating rules and whatnot, but it wouldn't have accomplished what we have so far with this system and our technician is knowledgeable in this area and picked it up in seconds.  If you want something easier/more turn-key and don't have plans to use it for other things besides basic awards, use the other awards system, but if you know what you're doing in terms of the technical side, this one is hands down the better option!

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