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    GTServices reacted to Dads 101 in [GT] Members | Group Enhancements   
    Thank you for this application.
    Sorting groups, Member List, Group Icons, allowing members to choose the groups, everything out of the box with this application, and last but not least, the permission matrix is my favourite feature.
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    GTServices reacted to D&D in [GT] Members | Group Enhancements   
    Amazing application for a reasonable price. 
    For 20$ you get everything out of the box.
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    GTServices reacted to DSystem in (GT) Report Post Message Required   
    Great! Simple and functional.
    It should be incorporated in the OPS...
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    GTServices reacted to Fierce God in (GT) Report Post Message Required   
    Awesome Plugin
    does as expected, test runs went good
    highly recommend to help your community
    Thank you @GTServices
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    GTServices reacted to Maxxius in (GT) Login as User   
    Thanks a lot for this, will sure come in handy when the time comes. However I got a question - will the member that was logged in into will notice that somebody was using his account. I mean like unread content disappearing or last visit date on profile card?
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    GTServices reacted to BankFodder in (GT) Login as User   
    If you have lots of trolls and people who try to poach your members wipe we do, then this can be extremely useful – but used very sparingly.

    However, so far there is no way that I can see to change the permissions. I think that an app as sensitive as this needs to have controllable permissions.

    Maybe I've missed it and it can be done but it's not obvious to me.
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    GTServices reacted to DawPi in (GT) Login as User   
    You should make it as a plugin not as application. It's an exaggeration and it's like hunting a mouse with a cannon. 😉
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    GTServices reacted to Vianney Gantelmi in (GT) Login as User   
    Great plugin, thanks !! 🙂
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