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  1. Does this plugin automatically turn view signatures on (enabled) for all new members..?
  2. There are members posting daily in the forums. Don't understand why it doesn't work..?
  3. It says the frequency is every day and therefore last run todays date
  4. Hi @Mike John... The auto renewing is set to 1st of every month, but its not actually resetting the points. Something I've missed here? Any help would be great.
  5. Sorry @Mike John... is there also a way to exclude the admins from either receiving points or being on the leaderboard..?
  6. Hi @Mike John... I just purchased the basic points which is exactly what I've been looking for. Is there a way to issue points for reacting to posts..?
  7. Can this be achieved? I would like to remove all the admins and moderators from the leaderboards in the forum to allow all the members to be shown only? thanks
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