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  1. yes is still there Pete T. ya i thinked to its the Navi i found nothing to fix it. in the editor etc etc. its hard for me its Newland here for me ?
  2. My Versoin is this nvision Community v4.3.1 can you say me what i must do know ? i search for a Restore setting to Clean complete my Cloud and make it new. but i didnt find it ^^ ohh faeces i saw it now my version is not compatibel to the theme right ?. and now i must wait for a update from you or i must buy again a new teamplate fu... New System new Problems .... ^^
  3. Hello Guys. its my First time with the Homepage Software and themes here so sry then i say anything wrong. i have a problem i hope you can help me. I Uploaded the Teamplate its working but i have a White Bar on the Page and i dont know from who is it coming any idea for this ?. https://gyazo.com/10462a713b4773a4dde56ab525daddae
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