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  1. I agree. I think being able to have an app for your website would make it more competitive against others such as Facebook and other social media platforms.
  2. Hi Makoto, I love the idea of the application however, when inputting my Server ID, it seems to just buffer and not fully synchronize on my end. Website URL: www.cyberdoor.tech This appeared to resolve itself. Sorry for the message.
  3. I look forward to seeing the widgets and appreciate everything!
  4. Gotcha! Just trying to make suggestions to help improve it and get you more customers. I can tell you that for my site, this plugin is an integral part of my site and will be used heavily for my users. Having pages created for specific tournaments and then on the side being able to show the tournaments that fit the category I make would be great that way they can easily see what reflects the rules on that page if that makes sense 🙂
  5. Also, is there anyway to possibly get blocks that can be implemented on the sidebar showing tournaments that are related to a category?
    Veilon constantly provides quality work and goes above and beyond for his customers. This is the third theme I've purchased from him and the quality of work has not diminished whatsoever. If you're looking for a good designer who asks for feedback and provides remarkable support, Veilon is the guy. Borx is a great theme and exactly what I was looking for my site.
  6. I am receiving the error @Fleiding reported on. Any advice?
  7. I am using Veizor Neon. However, none of the icons display via the Default IPS theme either.
  8. I'm having a hard time making the social media icons show on postbit and on the profile. How do I do this? Maybe I am missing something.
  9. Gotcha. So essentially you want the clubs area to be its own unique space for a specific Twitch streamer or clan per say? How big is your audience if you don't mind me asking.
  10. As an interested buyer, what are some issues you've seen with this application?
  11. Hey Jackal, Interested in purchasing this product. Quick question: Is it possible to make this work with the Tournaments add-on? For instance, if someone wants to register for a tournament, they must have a specific social sign in. Example: Lets say we are hosting an Xbox exclusive tournament. In order to register, they must have a Xbox account registered on their profile via the Social Icon. If they do, it'll showcase on their team page the Xbox Profile (gamertag) and allow them into the tournament.
  12. One shows the team page and one shows the specific match that they played in a round of the tournament. With this site, they have ladders and tournaments. Tournaments are more competitive and ladders are more laid back but still competition.
  13. Hey Jackal,

    Are you able to check out the possibility of a suggestion I made on the Tournaments plugin? Sorry to bother you.

  14. Hey Jackal, Is there anyway to input data for the tournament. For instance, I want to have randomized maps be generated when teams face each other. Ex. Team 1 Vs Team 3 Map 1 - X Map 2 - X Map 3 - X Rule Information Here. I want to be able to have each bracket be able to showcase the maps at the very least if possible for the users to know which maps they are playing in that round of competition. Let me know if this is possible or if you need me to show an example 🙂
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