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  1. Ok, I see. Is there a current/updated explanation of the various permissions available? As I mentioned, the guide posted earlier in the topic was pretty helpful but doesn't appear 100% current anymore.
  2. Can someone help me understand how to set up permissions properly so that a particular user group can award badges to themselves but not to anyone else? Simply checking the "Self" option seems not to be enough. I have downloaded and read the guide posted earlier in this topic, but some things seem to have changed since then.
  3. The issue hasn't really been annoying me much since I can "fix" it as described above, so I hadn't tried on anything else. But yes, it happens on the original theme too, and when I visited this community on mobile, it happened here also. I submitted a bug report ticket.
  4. @Christforums I did update, but I have noticed this too. Usually the Bell and envelope are hidden too though, as if the navigation menu has been scrolled down or something. If I put my finger to the left of the menu and move the page slightly up and down, the menu realigns itself and I can tap the correct menu items.
  5. No. The Google Analytics code is not pasted anywhere except the box IPS provides in the settings area for that purpose. That is an unaltered version of your skin. No edits were made to your skin whatsoever. (The same problem happens on the default skin IPS provides, by the way.) But as I said, I figured it out. However, I would like anyone else who followed Google's directions (I am sure we are not the only ones in the history of using IPS to do that) for what to use to find an answer which is why I am replying. I always appreciate being able to search these forums and finding an answer because someone posted the solution to an issue they were having. The solution is to ignore Google's instructions to use a specific snippet and use the whole paragraph they provide instead, as obviously IPS expects the whole paragraph. It took various trial and error on my part to figure that out. So to reiterate: I found the solution but want others to be able to also if they are searching these forums. No further action is required on your part.
  6. I have a question about how permissions work: is there a way to set it so only certain member groups can see awards? We have set awards to display beneath posts. In all the permission checkboxes for the categories and the awards within the categories, only certain groups are given any permissions. Others are given none. However, it appears that everyone (guests included) can view the awards beneath everyone's post. So as an example, in the screenshots attached (one for category, one for award), you can see that the group Gryffindor has no checkboxes checked...yet they can see the awards. What does "view" and "read" control if it doesn't control seeing awards?
  7. I figured the problem out. In case anyone else has this issue: the instructions that Google gives are different than the instructions IPS gives. Google says to use just a certain snippet. IPS says use a whole paragraph of script. If you do use that whole paragraph/block (apologies for my non-technical terminology/ignorance), then everything looks fine. If you follow Google's instructions, you wind up with the problem demonstrated in the screenshot.
  8. It looks like this fix has removed Google Analytics capabilities entirely. We do still want to use it...we just don't want the analytics code itself showing all ugly at the top of the site. Is there a way to suppress it/ make it invisible or at least the same color as the background so it's not as distracting?
  9. Yes, I am asking for instructions how to do that. Which tag do I move where in which part of the template?
  10. We have a Google Analytics code that we have added by using the box provided for it in the admin CP at System --> Site Promotion --> Analytics. With this theme, the code is visible in the very top right of the site. Can you make a suggestion for how to hide or move it someplace else?
    After converting our community from SMF to IPB, we were having an issue with users being logged out on the home page. We worked with our host and IPB to fix that--but the fix wound up making the chatbox not work. The developer visited our site and pointed out the issue, which enabled us to know what was going on and get things actually fixed. I'm very grateful for the support, and especially for a FREE chatbox.
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