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  1. This thread can be deleted: as a workaroung I can use database fields and the Block Manager element 'Database Filters'.
  2. > IPS Ckeditor Thank you, Joel. I'm on a Cloud Plan and can't use those.
  3. Hi Renaming "Clubs" should be as easy as renaming database entries. And while you're at it maybe do the same for "Forum".
  4. > In your board? No, sorry if that wasn't clear. Behaviour at the moment is like you describe, but should be limited to the forum I'm in, in my opinion. (I can delete my comments if they are confusing.)
  5. I need a way to filter the entries in my database by tag. Clicking on a tag in that list should show me the entries in the database with that tag. In the Block Manager there is the option"Database Category Menu", I need a "Database Tag Menu". Thank you : )
  6. > a filter in the forum view that when clicked on a tag, updates the topics list with topics that has the clicked tag. This is what should happen, yes.
  7. You can filter by tag by clicking on the tag (example https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/9-tutorials-serif-and-customer-created-tutorials )
  8. Hi Please add a table element to the WYSIWYG editor. And let me set the border to width="0" or to white, because I'd only need it to display text in columns. Bonus: if the reader can change the sort by clicking on a column to sort by the values in that column (alphabetically). Thank you
  9. not using it myself, seen in another thread:
  10. Hi I tried to find this within the forum, but couldn't. Is there a possibility to use a table within the rich text editor? I'd need it to arrange text in colums, border should be width="0" or white. Readers should be able to sort the table by the column they want. The table should have a title row that doesn't get included in the sort. (It's for translations of words in 4 languages) I'm on the Cloud plan. Thank you.
  11. Yes, you would have to explain on the welcome page that the clubs are for members only, and how people can join / ask to become a member. (Maybe I misunderstood your question.)
  12. Do you have a welcome page? Could you make the clubs private, but link to them from your welcome page? Or are there too many / are they changing too often to keep the welcome page up to date?
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