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  1. No other themes than the default one, and Chameleon Dark from ipsfocus. And it's barely even edited. I tested again with the default IPS theme, which is not edited at all. And it's still the same issue.
  2. Sure. Sorry it took a while to get back. Was busy on another project. Anyway, I recoded the issue for you here. To try and describe the video: First I made a new text box. Then I edited it again, to show that it works as long as I don't reload the page. Then I reload the page, to show it doesn't work anymore. After I try and move it to another box, which shows that it Errors out. And I can no longer delete it unless I close and open the manager again. I hope this helps? 1KXNnYqdIS.mp4
  3. I seem to be having some trouble editing blocks I've added. When I add a new TXT block, I'm able to edit it just fine. And save it, and edit it again. Just fine. Unless I reload the page. If I try and reload the page after I've edited it. It loads for a few seconds, then nothing shows up. And it doesn't let me edit it any more. At all. Same with the PHP too. Other blocks I can edit just fine. The forum is currently running IPS 4.4.3. And We had the IPS4 phpTxt widget, till I updated to the IPS44 phpTxt widget in hopes to fix this problem. But it still remained. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Or if you need any more info, let me know. I'm not really sure what all information is relevant to this issue. Thanks!
  4. I purchased this and I am now being told I need to re-purchase it. I have a paypal receipt / transaction but no access to download the file. @Fosters
  5. I meant when you look at the options on the AdminCP, you have the Approve option but no deny one. I can screenshot to show it.
  6. A suggestion to add a "Deny" option next to the accept option, There should be configurations for when an application is accepted or denied so that you have those move the post into a sub forum etc. I have an "Accepted" and a "Denied" sub-forum in which I move a post when it is approved or denied etc. This would be awesome to have.
    I love the applications and think it is absolutely worth it for communities to have! This is something that will be needed to manage applications, however there should be a deny option next to the approve option.
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