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    I love being an entrepreneur, running my own business, designing graphics and, best interest of all: my wife and family :D

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    AWESOME Really, this plugin is terrific. I have a Wordpress Multisite and needed to sync my Wordpress users with different groups on my IP.Board This did the trick easily And Mathias (the creator of the plugin) is super great. He's quick and personal. Really glad I bought the plugin Marc Sylvester Laughingbird Software
    THIS is a great plugin! It bridged my Wordpress site to my IP.Board flawlessly. The first thing you may notice (and potentially be a little weary of) is IPWIB's website. As of this writing, it's really pretty confusing and hard to know exactly what or how the plug-in works from reading the website information. But I read reviews here and decided to jump on this as I really wanted to bridge my Wordpress site with my IP Board. THIS PLUGIN IS INCREDIBLY PERFECT and it works great. Don't let the website detour you from getting this if you need a Wordpress to IP bridge. AND, Mathias is super quick in responding (even tho I live in Southern California and he's in Berlin). I had two issues (it was really me not quite understanding the setup) and Mathias took care of me personally and quickly. I'm super grateful and happy that I bought this plugin. AND! I'm using a Wordpress Multisite build (bridging multiple domains to one IP board setup). This plugin made it possible. (Note: Sorry to give the IPWIB website a sort of bad review Mathias, ... I just wanted to make sure other's look past that and buy your plugin) Thanks for being so personal Mathias Marc Sylvester Laughingbird Software
  1. HI @steve00 Great to see you in here! I am floored with how cool the Invision Community software is! I'm really loving it (take a look at how I modified our new form with IPboard! (https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/forum/) Thanks for saying Hi Steve! Marc
  2. Hi @ehren. Hey, I wanted to thank you for responding I've now subscribed to that area and I'm looking forward to using 4.2! I'm new to IP and I'm just floored at how awesome it is! (I was using Xenforo for YEARS). Thanks again! Marc
  3. Ah! Thanks @ehren.! Much appreciated. How about this cool little gizmo? (see attached image)
  4. Hi @Netherlord (or anybody else reading this ) Curious, I love this "Start New Topic" button found at the front of the IPCommunity. Is this a default option I can use for my own forum? Or is it a 3rd party feature... or... maybe a specific theme? In my own forum the members can click on the "+ CREATE" link at the top of my screen, but I really like the 'start new topic' button that's available here in this community. any help on this would be super appreciated! Marc
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