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  1. Hello everybody, Just download and installed (BIM) Chatbox FREE 4.0.7. everything works great, buy i am having annoying issue. i want that the new incoming users chat messages to flow from top-->down and that the chatfield for writing will be on the bottom. Enabling the option to "Newer messages on top" on the panel will make the textbox down as i want, but... the new messages will still stay from down->top i believe i need to edit the chatbox.css template ? any help ? Thank ! 🙂
  2. Thank you for the reply. pages app Its something that i can buy/download ? there is any work around ?
  3. Hi TAMAN, I am wondering if the RSS will work on my board. I dont have pages app installed on my sidebar .but, i have this alternative .. (ver 4.3) RSS will work ?
  4. Understood. 10X. If there is someome that can do it,i am willing to pay. Please contact me via pm.
  5. Hi, No, The side block always jump to the top. this is the issue,by doing it,it shorting the chat. I don’t want to switch between blocks location,I want that the first side block will start below the chat widescreen block. insted of the top,what make the Chat short.
  6. Hi, In ips 3,the side blocks on the front page always installed below the Chat block and keep the chat widescreen. now, in IPS 4 every side block I added,start from the top and shorting the chat. Does there is a way to set the added side blocks that installed left side to start not from the top? as i wish it to start below the chat widescreen block. 10x
  7. Hi Mike, Appreciate your response. Yes, this plugin tou provided indeed can be tuned to 2 hours log, but the issue with the plugin you provided its that it doesn't present anonyms and gust count...as the original one. 10X
  8. Hi, How can i Modify this "Who's Online" Block core product in order that it to show the last two hours time users was online ?
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