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  1. Hi @Nathan Explosion

    I use this useful app on my betting forum to force the user to elaborate on their sports picks. (minimum word restriction on first post only)
    Lately, more and more users in my community bypass the minimum word limit restriction by uploading a simple picture with no words. its looks like uploading a picture from the mobile trick the app restriction. from the desktop the restriction works perfect.

    To reproduce this issue,

    please set this configuration, and just upload a picture to the forum from the mobile, with no words at all. 







  2. On 11/30/2020 at 9:10 PM, James101 said:

    @Runar - I am having a bit of a permission issue. I have set the correct permissions and double checked everything yet my moderators are unable to see the option to 'mark a topic' except for their own topics. Administrators can see the option but no other staff groups. Can you help me out once you get a chance?


    Thank you!

    Same issue. @Runar

  3. Hi. bought it. same issue with function error - sent u a pm with the required support details.

    To another topic,

    Can u please share with us the trophies badges images that presented ? @InvisionHQ


  4. I will purchase it immediately if the 4.4 version will work on my 4.5 system 🙂 

    @Midnight Modding

    All i need from the app is to mark the pool games result and know how many games every voter guesses correctly.

  5. 3 hours ago, Midnight Modding said:

    Hi. Thanks! Yes, I just had taken a long time off form working on apps this year, but am about ready to update it and there really isn't a ton to do, although they are more strict on approving for 4.5.

    The only thing is I had been adding an ncaa tournament (and other sports bracket types) contest type and I got "almost" done when the virus hit and canceled the tourney. So I have to finish and test that before updating this for 4.5, just to be sure I didn't create any bugs.

    Thank you for the quick support. fully understood. 

    Any ETA ? @Midnight Modding

  6. On 11/8/2020 at 5:33 AM, newbie LAC said:


    I added this in TODO list

    Didn't bought the app yet but planning to. 
    I need this quoted addon as well. 

    Can I force the user to submit two tags overall?
    I mean - One tag manually entered, and the second from the app tag group?

    Many thanks. @newbie LAC

  7. On 10/29/2020 at 8:50 PM, livegames.co.il said:


    Can i force the topic opener picking 2 different prefix simultany, one from drop down box, and the second is free text ?

    Thanks @Makoto


    Hi @Makoto 

    I will appreciate if you can respond on this one and take a look at pm i have sent.


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