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  1. Hi @Midnight Modding Any ETA on this 4.5 version? 10X
  2. I am much interested in the upcoming features, but I understand that it will take some time. So adjusting the current version to 4.5 will be much appreciated. @Midnight Modding
  3. I will purchase it immediately if the 4.4 version will work on my 4.5 system 🙂 @Midnight Modding All i need from the app is to mark the pool games result and know how many games every voter guesses correctly.
  4. Hi @Nathan Explosion Great APP! Users bypass the minimum word limitation by posting un significant/related words and removing editing them a few seconds later. Can the app check the limitation after editing as well?
  5. I am sorry to say it, But If you are searching for support to your perches, TheJackal84 is not the address. Too bad.
  6. Dear @Midnight Modding I will appreciate an update regarding 4.5 ETA
  7. @TheJackal84 sent you a pm, the app doesn't compatible to hebrew language (right to left) Request your support please.
  8. Thank you for the quick support. fully understood. Any ETA ? @Midnight Modding
  9. Hello @Midnight Modding Love it. Any plans to compatible the app with 4.5?
  10. Hi, Didn't bought the app yet but planning to. I need this quoted addon as well. Can I force the user to submit two tags overall? I mean - One tag manually entered, and the second from the app tag group? Many thanks. @newbie LAC
  11. HI Would you update it to 4.5 ? 🙂 @Michael.J
  12. Hi Any plans to insert first new post as specific notification? (following only new open topics from member, not member replies) @Adriano Faria
  13. Hi, Can I force the user to choose two different prefixes from the drop-down menu? @Makoto A very important addon for me.
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