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  1. Great, so now this is not getting updated here and Jackal wants me to rebuy this again? Ha, good one.
  2. 1.5+ years later still no sign of this. Turns out you can add the twitch one at least in the siteSocialProfiles template - but not the discord, as the font awesome icon doesn't seem supported. {{if \IPS\Settings::i()->site_social_profiles AND $links = json_decode( \IPS\Settings::i()->site_social_profiles, TRUE ) AND \count( $links )}} <style> .cShareLink_twitch { background: #01856e; } </style> <li class='cUserNav_icon'> <a href='https://www.twitch.tv/ChannelLink' target='_blank' class='cShareLink cShareLink_twitch' rel='noopener noreferrer'><i class='fa fa-twitch'></i></a> </li> {{foreach $links as $profile}} <li class='cUserNav_icon'> <a href='{$profile['key']}' target='_blank' class='cShareLink cShareLink_{$profile['value']}' rel='noopener noreferrer'><i class='fa fa-{$profile['value']}'></i></a> </li> {{endforeach}} {{endif}} So, at the very least, the twitch option should be added to the dropdown.
  3. Thanks Taman, perhaps you could add a tooltip or expand on the text in this view? I have also tried importing by saving my exported settings and then later inserting those again and saving. That part also didn't work. Lastly, could you also please comment on this? I appreciate the support a lot!
  4. I've upgraded to 4.5 and am trying the new export/import feature. Theme version 2.2.6. It just doesn't seem to work for me - in fact whenever I click on any of the palette options in the ACP, after saving I just end up losing every single setting, whether I exported before the click, after the click, or whether I'm attempting to import. And then weirdest of all, when clicking on the default palette option, I get the setup I created myself. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a tutorial on how to use this? Or is there a bug? Edit: Also, like sbr, we've got some custom blocks and the background of the block was hardcoded by the dev in the template. Could you please point to what variable needs to be used to support the dark/light theme colors?
  5. Looking forward to the 4.5 support! @TheJackal84 Would it also be possible to change the drag&drop clubs block so that it can be filtered per category? This is currently not a thing and would be a very important addition.
  6. Hello, Currently when you have multiple donation goals, they create a massive list both on the donation page and the donation widget. I'd like to have some way of sorting these - categories seem like the right step, as they would allow you to basically link to what would appear as unique pages. Lastly, the same should apply to the donation block. You'd be able to select which category to display, or which specific donation goal - either is fine. What does everyone think?
  7. Hi again @TheJackal84, do you have an update on the issues mentioned above?
  8. Sorry, I should have referred to it as a block - that's what it is! (I renamed clubs to clans). This has no filter option to only show ones from x category.
  9. Hi there, Currently the clubs widget doesn't have a filter for categories. I'd like to be able to show each category's clubs in different home page sections. Also, the directory page doesn't show any of the usual buttons or widgets when you navigate to an empty category - you'd expect users to try to head to X category to create a club for X. Is it reasonable to ask for fixes to these?
    Category creation and filtering works as expected, but when you click an empty category, all club widgets, and the create club button disappear. That's horrible UX if you want to encourage people to go into categories with links - my users won't be interested in the "junk" from other categories they aren't affiliated with. Also, the widget for clubs hasn't been updated to include category filtering. Currently this is just a not well-thought out, rushed product.
  10. Could you please do this in the next update? Discord/Twitch etc aren't exactly new around the block, time to update.
  11. I'm talking about the social profiles for the site, not the users.
  12. Currently there is only a very limited set of social media profiles available. It has been like this for far too long. Please add the several big missing platforms or the ability to add our own. PS - please don't try to sell your plugins to me, folks. This stuff should be in the suite.
  13. @TAMAN getting the following error: [[Template core/front/system/reconfirmTerms is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] This happens when you change the privacy policy and registration terms and force users to accept it again.
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