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  1. Yup, basically this. Would like this to be part of the Invision package however, rather than having to pay extra for each QoL thing missed.
  2. Currently, it is only possible to override the default theme per forum, and per page. It is not possible to do so in a download category, or in a calendar. Please add this option. This would also tie in with my other suggestion about clan categories, of course. See that here: (PS.: no more suggestions for a while, sorry for the several posts)
  3. There is currently no decent way of creating categories and subcategories for clubs like there is for forums, downloads etc. This would be a very good QoL improvement over simply dumping all of them into a giant list with filter buttons. Please let us assign categories via extra fields or other methods. This should also come with a choice about whether to show all clubs, or separate them into categories on the root clubs page.
  4. Currently, if I'd like to place some widgets in let's say the forum app, it will be displayed in all of the forum app. What I'd like to do is to for example show a widget that relates to the forum about cars, and in another one that relates to sports, another appropriate widget. As far as I can tell there is no good way to do this. The problem also extends to other apps, such as downloads, clubs and calendars. Would be great to be able to have a tickbox on widgets that controls which type it is (app-wide, or just local for the category/subform etc).
  5. Please add discord and steam to social profiles.
  6. I was trying to setup a local development version of the site and I came across an issue in which the method \IPS\Lang::convertString gets called, but executes with issues. In this function there is custom-functionality that tries to convert the text passed into it from a CP-format to UTF-8, but in my case it the charset it found was already UTF-8. Upon calling iconv the charset that it provided as input became a non-existent "CPUTF-8", which caused issues. As a temporary fix I added a naïve prevention check for when the codepage is UTF-8 to simply return the text as-is. I was hoping you official devs could provide me with a better answer to this issue, or if this is actually a bug, that it may be fixed in a future patch. Thank you very much.
  7. Isolated the issue to an app I don't use, thanks for the pointer, Taman!
  8. I was referring to the part of disabling plugins and apps. That doesn't get rid of any customization, right?
  9. Dumb question, but this will only disable my modifications and NOT remove them, right?
  10. Hi @TAMAN I've got multiple variations of the theme installed on my site. When I set certain forum sections to override the default theme, I am not able to open topics within that forum section. This is the error I get: If this isn't a known problem and you can't reproduce, I'd really appreciate if you could PM me to discuss options.
    Incredible that this isn't part of the core suite, a true must have!
  11. My bad, the image was cached but actually got removed from the theme.
  12. @TAMAN My Guests can't see the swiper slider images, they only get the text. I have the slider and each slide available to all groups, any idea?
  13. Hi @TAMAN How do I get rid of the stripe texture on the navbar and user bar? (using 1.19)
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