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    Josiah Wallingford reacted to bfarber in How to successfully convert your platform and breathe new life into your community   
    You either have to look into MySQL replication if you want this automated, or you have to take a backup of your database to import for your test site, and then periodically refresh this backup manually.
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    Josiah Wallingford reacted to Lindy in GDPR updates for Invision Community 4.3.3   
    @DReffects2 - I appreciate you've done extensive research as applicable to your situation jurisdiction. We have expended an enormous amount of time and resources aiding our EU clients with GDPR compliance to the best of our abilities and it's our understanding, we've actually done more than most similar platforms. A temporary line has to be drawn somewhere or we're going to end up with, as Matt said, a barrage of half-baked features and checkboxes everywhere. We have consulted with the ICO, our largest EU clients and perused legal resources and are confident that our implementation as of 4.3.3 will help satisfy your compulsory requirements under the GDPR. I know you don't like the "let's wait and see" approach on your remaining potential concerns, but that is in fact a key purpose of the judicial system -- interpreting and providing subsequent guidance on existing regulation.
    We are committed to adapting and accommodating as needed, I assure you. We aren't, however, able to go crazy and toss things in based on armchair interpretations. From a layman perspective, a simple checkbox here and there seems easy. From a development perspective - you need to do something with that checkbox. As the contact form, when configured such, is merely an email form, there's nothing to do in the same way there's nothing to do when you actively send someone a traditional email -- you're sending the email because you want to initiate contact. If you wanted a "simple" checkbox on the contact form that's simply sending an email, you then need to provide a mechanism for obtaining consent, store the email address, store the consent, provide a mechanism to withdraw the consent to store the email, etc. None of that is necessary based on reasonable interpretations of the GDPR, so as developers with finite resources, we need to weigh out these requests that amount to a fair amount of development time with limited basis and simply say, if you're super concerned about untested, unchallenged, extreme interpretations for things like this, it's likely best, for your own peace of mind, to simply not use the feature.
    I say with confidence that although ultimate compliance with any local, national or international law or regulation is the responsibility of the community owner; 4.3.3 is GDPR friendly. If you feel you need to be more restrictive based on additional member state requirements, interpretations or even personal peace of mind - you can of course disable embeds, disable the contact form, disable spam mitigation, disallow tech support and/or peruse third party solutions. It's my opinion, however, the EU authorities are not intending to cripple the Internet or make it cumbersome, inconvenient and unenjoyable to use; only to hold providers, controllers and processors to task for safeguarding data... and in that regard, it's only a good thing. 
    There's a lot of information, opinions and suggestions floating through the comments here and it's difficult to keep track of. We welcome you to engage us via a support ticket for software and corporate specific information and, of course, you may use the client forums to discuss various scenarios, share opinions, tips, etc. 
    We appreciate the feedback and participation. Let us know if we can be of further help.
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    Josiah Wallingford reacted to Beatrina in 5 ways to monetize your community   
    I would like to have a ref list implented in your software instead of using viglink.
    So, if someone puts a link into a post eg. amazon or another shop ... your ref id should be added automaticly to the url.
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    Josiah Wallingford reacted to CheersnGears in 5 ways to monetize your community   
    That would be a fantastic 3rd party add-on 
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    Josiah Wallingford reacted to PatrickRQ in 4.3: Commerce Subscription Manager   
    Nice to see you started to improve Commerce, however, still do not see something I was requesting for years already - ability to adjust price after purchase basing on custom field value.

    This is kind of a 'must be' feature for subscriptions. E.g. you make purchase of subscription of specified product, and later you may only increase count of licenses (using purchase custom field value) for that specified product (subscription) instead purchasing new copy of product (subscription) over and over. It looks more smooth for admin and customer. Ability to charge after purchase basing on change of value of purchase custom fields, opens a wide ability to manage products and subscription.

    I honestly wonder why it is not yet there. Anyway, thanks for your work, hope to see such feature in near future, finally.
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