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  1. We have some international users, and our Downloads consist mostly of themes. It would be nice if there was a way to have a language-specific (or country specific via GeoIP?) Top Downloads. People with non-English themes have a hard time getting them seen as it stands...

    p.s. Would you mind adding a column to the downloads_downloads table called 'exclude'? This column would exclude the download from all counting. Right now I am having to delete records when people spam downloading to get to the top of the list. It'd be nice to keep a record of these shenanigans. Thanks!


  2. We have some folks who are trying to get their files to our Top Downloads. (They are themes, so it's a form of advertising for them...)

    They are downloading the same file over and over to do it.

    Would you please make it so it only counts a download from a single IP once (for each revision)? That'd fix this almost entirely.

    (Right now I'm using a cron script to update the count daily, but having this built in would be handy, to me and others.)

    Thank you!


  3. It's actually useful in cases you might not expect. Take a look: https://themes.evolvapor.com/

    When a new .ecigtheme is uploaded, I have a background task that checks for new uploads, generates preview images using our software, and inserts the new images in the database. If I were doing this with the filesystem, I'd need to give this task write permission, and the ability to reach, the directory on the server hosting IPB.

    Regarding S3... Being in the vaping industry -- and really, this is true for anyone in an industry entrenched, wealthy interests would like to be rid of -- we try to be self-reliant where we can. You never know that you won't wake up the next day and be disconnected for some reason invented the day before. For us, and many others, "better solutions like S3" effectively do /not/ exist today.

    If I were able to cache these, the hit rate would be 99%+.

  4. Hello,

    It would be very helpful if database-stored files could be assigned a caching URL. Right now, they are at /index.php?file=xyz

    I am using a CDN for file-based storage, which covers JavaScript, CSS and emoticons, but there are still database-stored files such as user profile pictures etc. At this point I'd say this is the bulk of my data transfer. They don't seem to cache for very long in the user's browser either, despite barely ever changing.

    I do recognize this would require the user's setup to support friendly URLs. Most do, though.

    Thank you!


  5. I do not use Elasticsearch, and I no longer use any plugins.

    I do indeed use SMTP, and the server is indeed on the slow side - each message runs through an antivirus and a spam filter before allowing send, and the server could use a bit more RAM.

    I've added this to constants.php and will let yall know if things improve:

    \define( 'NOTIFICATIONS_PER_BATCH', 5 );


    By the way... Instead of basing it purely on the number of messages, wouldn't it be better to also have a NOTIFICATION_TIME_PER_BATCH, and if after sending each message, it checked if the total time had been exceeded, and if so, queue the remaining messages? That way if it's a slow server, if it takes over 3 seconds (for example), it will automatically batch without any user configuration?

  6. What can be done about saving posts being slow? There are a large number of people following some threads, and I'm thinking that may be related.

    What can be done to speed it up? I have IPB set to use cron, if that matters.



  7. On 1/22/2021 at 1:03 PM, Joel R said:

    Gab is still very much a fringe site.  It's not even close to the same level of popularity as other platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.  

    Not really. In the United States, its Alexa ranking is 314. DeviantArt is listed and that's 414.

  8. Hello,

    Please consider adding referrerpolicy="origin" or referrerpolicy="no-referrer" to the Google Fonts CSS <link> tag. Right now, if one uses a Google Font (the default on IPB 4.2 when I upgraded, certainly), it gives away the full URL the user is browsing to Google. Google claims they are only keeping track of font popularity, so there is no harm in doing this that I can see. If not having a referrer is an issue, referrerpolicy="origin" would solve the 'giving the entire browsing history of all IPB users away to Google' problem while still providing the requesting site.



  9. How should they be configured, then? The file itself is accessible just fine, directly. It is in applications/core/interface/.../auth.php

    I have friendly URLs enabled, but nothing in applications/ has a friendly URL so it should not matter. I am running Nginx.

  10. In the Downloads application, is it possible to hook to provide screenshots automatically, based on the uploaded file? The files I am receiving are in a format that a screenshot could potentially be generated from. Thanks!

  11. I am seeing:

    Sorry, there is a problem

    The page you requested does not exist

    Error code: 1S160/2

    when my script (essentially copy/pasted from the LinkedIn auth.php) does:


    if (isset(\IPS\Request::i()->error) and \IPS\Request::i()->error)

        if (\IPS\Request::i()->error == 'access_denied')
            \IPS\Output::i()->error(htmlentities(\IPS\Request::i()->error_description, ENT_QUOTES | \IPS\HTMLENTITIES, 'UTF-8', false), 'E400', 403);
            \IPS\Output::i()->error(htmlentities(\IPS\Request::i()->error_description, ENT_QUOTES | \IPS\HTMLENTITIES, 'UTF-8', false), 'E401', 403);



    Now, the problem is, it's doing this at \IPS\Dispatcher\Front::i();, not a bit later at the error() command, which I have confirmed it is never reaching. So it never passes the actual error back to the user. This is in the case of OAuth2, when login is denied. Is the LinkedIn code broken for this case? I haven't meaningfully changed it.



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