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    Felix Thant reacted to Rhett in Bitcoin Support for Commerce   
    Sell any bitcoins now that you may have before it pops...  
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    Felix Thant reacted to kmk in IPB Home Page   
    @AlexWebsites Where I can find this option?
    @Alexbay Can I take a look your website, I am learning set up somthing too...
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    Felix Thant reacted to AlexWebsites in IPB Home Page   
    Within the settings of your new page.
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    Felix Thant reacted to joshuaj in IPB Home Page   
    I have a custom page I set up with IPS, I used custom CSS, native IPS Grid system, and A Different Article System by Taman. Honestly, your imagination is your limit when it comes to how you want to to design your page. You don't even have to use the wrapper. You could design a page from scratch and include the menu into the page if you wanted.
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    Felix Thant reacted to Joel R in IPB Home Page   
    If you're looking for a footer, you can use Footer by @TAMAN in the Marketplace.  
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    Felix Thant reacted to Cyboman in IPB Home Page   
    Other options are:
    create a complex page with IP.Pages and develop your own wrapper templates and page contents (with html/php/JavaScript). This way, you can use the whole IPS logic. The "Advanced Footer" by TAMAN is also recommended and could be used bridge IPS to WordPress with one of the given solutions that you can purchase in the IPS marketplace (SingleSignOn) and use WP as an easy system to setup a different website Just code your own footer into the code.
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    Felix Thant reacted to AlexWebsites in IPB Home Page   
    When you create a new page, in the settings enable to use the suite wrapper:

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    Felix Thant reacted to Fosters in Job Board App ?   
    We've lost the interest into an own app since most people here mentioned that they prefer an app developed by Adriano 
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    Felix Thant reacted to stoo2000 in Job Board App ?   
    FYI I'm currently upgrading a 3.x Jobs app that was originally going to be released on the marketplace (I never got around to it). The 4.2.x version should be on the Marketplace though. Although it seems that a few developers have previously made something like this anyway!
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    Felix Thant reacted to TAMAN in Advanced Footer [ Support topic ]   
    Please choose different settings for position in configuration tab, thats what they are for, so in case one doesn't work with a theme another one should.
    try the "In the main body layout" this should work with any theme out there
    I will improve the position targeting in next update also to support ipsfocus themes, for now try the setting i mentioned above  
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