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  1. Ah so there's the problem. Looks like it has to be installed on the server but I did not know that and something I dont think I could do.
  2. What do I put here for Elasticsearch Server ?
  3. In my opinion a lot of forum admins would not know the front end block manager was there.
  4. I notice if one clicks on a notification and it takes you to the topic then all unread notifications are no longer bold. Is this by design or a bug as I think the unread should be still bold.
  5. Hi Are the clubs post and topics index bt search engines ? Also how can I edit or rename clubs to Groups ?
  6. Hi I have an older version of this theme and after the the upgraded yesterday the links in the menu such as Activity and store do not work. Is it working in the latest version of this theme?
  7. Where do you add club moderators if you are the owner of a club ?
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