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    mtlurb reacted to CoffeeCake in Edit link at bottom of post   
    The default behavior was changed in the default theme. 4.4 had an edit link down by quote, and beginning with 4.5 it's been moved into the ellipsis in the corner now.
    You'd need to customize your theme (or develop a theme hook) to restore it to the previous position. 
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    mtlurb got a reaction from Cyboman in Members Shop ( Support Topic )   
    Another idea.
    Would cost points to downvote something (to the person downvoting, not recieving like currently possible).
    (We give free points for people visiting once a day).
    That would slow down some people who downvote easily others.
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    mtlurb reacted to chilihead in So major change in Commerce - guest support   
    I appreciate you are trying to help but the Contact Us does not work for me.  It is email not a ticket. There are no departments. There is no notification to people in those departments (as there are none). There is no acp management. There is no progress marking. If you've ever sent an email to a sales department and it was turned into a ticket, then you know what Nexus does and Commerce does not. It allows you to delegate and manage departments and monitor progress of not only support, but any department you wish, logged in or logged out. Over 90% of our emails come from guests, and I don't want any of these in my email box, I want them in acp where we were able to manage before.
    Like I mentioned earlier, we have a Reviews department. The ticket comes in, reviewers are notified, the reviewer that wants to take it replies and marks it with a custom status. This lets us see what is being reviewed in acp. When the review is done, they reply and mark it closed. In acp we can monitor the status of reviews in the same way you would monitor a support issue. Advertising, whatever. Many of us use this for non-account holder issues, sales being one glaring example. I could see losing an advertising account if trying to tell a potential advertiser "You have to sign up with our site to be able to email our Advertising department." Bye bye! But we need the email to go to that department. So the generic Contact Us does not work for us.
    The Contact Us link is new in v4, in 3.4 there isn't one, if you wanted one they told you Nexus has a full-featured contact form with tickets and departments, etc. I purchased this product as one thing, and now it is another. What they did was instead of offering a Contact Us in addition, they removed guest tickets from Commerce as well.
    Here's some language from the Nexus product: "IP.Nexus supports the ability to receive incoming emails as support requests and replies."
    Thanks for trying to help, but I'll just wait until it is resolved (hopefully).
    I was surprised by the Internal Review tag, I thought the following quote meant is was definite.
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