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    th3#afk reacted to marklcfc in Has member title been removed?   
    Has anyone managed to get member title back under the username?
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    th3#afk reacted to Chris Anderson in Members Shop ( Support Topic )   
    Unfortunately this marketplace developer has decided to vacate the marketplace and is in the process of selling all of his apps to "anyone" willing to buy them.  It is anyone's guess who might buy any of his apps.  Continued support and updates for this app or any others may or may not come to a complete halt while new owners are sought.  What the future of any sold apps will be will remain a complete mystery until such time as the new owners let us know. 
    I hope this inspires the community, IPS Staff and the remaining marketplace developers to come together in an effort to improve upon the marketplace and recruit a handful of new developers to be of service to the existing developer community and one day create apps of their own.  
    Let's not spend a single moments time complaining and worrying about our apps and the marketplace as a whole and instead come together to collectively craft a marketplace that works for us while being mindful how hard it can be to be a developer.
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    th3#afk reacted to KPDub in Trophies and Medals - Supporttopic   
    I agree.  Official support has gone downhill massively as well.  I've got two tickets that have been open for over 2 months and only had one reply in that whole time.
    But back on topic, not sure if it's the Covid effect, the Marketplace change, the new version of the software or a combination of all of them, but support in general, save a very small minority of good devs has dropped off a cliff.
    I'm waiting til the end of Feb when my hosting is due for renewal and more than likely will be moving to Wordpress, it's free, okay it might not be as secure (that can be dealt with), but at least its well supported, including the free plugins which some are even more complicated than the premium ones on the IPB marketplace
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    th3#afk reacted to Ehren in Members Shop ( Support Topic )   
    No worries, add this to custom.css
    .ipsFieldRow_label[for="elInput_ms_referrer_setting"]{ display: block !important; } I'm guessing the default value for that class is block, but if that code doesn't work, just let us know.
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    th3#afk reacted to SC36DC in Members Shop ( Support Topic )   
    That absolutely worked!!!!! I can not thank you enough. I felt bad asking for your help, I was just hoping it would be something you could figure out the correct css for this in a matter of seconds. The 'Referrer' title is now showing. It was set to "display:none", btw.

    Thanks again @Ehren The true CSS HERO!
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    th3#afk reacted to SC36DC in Members Shop ( Support Topic )   
    I asked for help from anyone that could explain how this works a few time, and no one came forward.
    Please @TheJackal84 when you get some time, could you please explain how this works sir? Many Thanks!!
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    th3#afk reacted to Sele in Members Shop ( Support Topic )   
    How to disable the "Buy points" button? Or hide it or something.
    I don't have commerce. I can't remove that button.
    It's damn annoying, I don't have commerce and cannot remove that button either. When I click edit on it nothing happens so I can disable that "Buy Points" for real money button.
    Also is there a way or can be made a way to buy Points with crypto directly but without coinbase or third party "exchange" ... more like a blockchain or thing or something?
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    th3#afk reacted to KPDub in Members Shop ( Support Topic )   
    Any update on this?
    Sorry to be a pain (not the best timing for us on our site with renewals) but waiting to see what this brings before making a big decision on our sites future and direction
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    th3#afk reacted to SC36DC in Members Shop ( Support Topic )   
    OMG! I must say it again, so good to have you back. So excited about all this. I won't even dare ask when any of this will be done, the fact that you've obviously been working on stuff, and it all looks great, is enough for me. Looking forward to it all.

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