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    Arkadiusz Dada reacted to GTServices in 4.4: Converter updates to make migrating to Invision Community even easier   
    This is great. I'm glad you put it together.
    Something like this would have helped me months ago.
    You want to convert more people over to IPS?
    Create more videos, articles, and better guides and show how easy it is to use.
    Think of small AND big board admins when creating these. Each group want to hear something specific ... something that helps them make a decision. Something that helps them take that first step.
    I can tell you this...
    Big Board admins would love to hear that IPS conversion script saves old topicids for mapping purposes (to redirect old urls to new). The more info you provide the better. (It was hard to find this info last year.)
    One question that bugs me but haven't checked...
    Does the conversion script save old attachment ids?? (Specifically images.) To redirect old attachment image URLs to new. I'm only asking because I know a lot of vbulletin sites that have accumulated many many images over the years. (Thinking SEO here.)
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