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  1. When I do moderation I do it as a moderator, not me personally and I don't want my real username displayed.
  2. Also, it should make a difference if the edit was done by the topicstarter or a moderator. As it is now it's the username of the moderator that is referred to, it should instead refer to "A moderator". Like this:
  3. Example, change it from the current: to This will explain why it was changed and maybe educate members to make better topic titles.
  4. Ok, thanks. Still a bad solution if you cannot keep the lists in alphabetical order. Strange that IPB hasn't addressed this a long time ago. We will certainly buy your addon if you implement this.🙂
  5. Quoting myself.. @Makoto, can you please comment on this?
  6. Does this mod support sorting closed tag lists? The current IPB release does not allow sorting so adding a new tag is impractical as it will be added to the end of the list. (I assume most use alphabetical order for the list)
  7. Ok, those words could be placed in the front section. It's a nightmare to translate as it is now.
  8. Separate front and backend would have made translation so much easier. At most forums, while the front is translated, the ACP is kept in English.
  9. I have installed the 4.2 version and I get the same problem as mentioned in earlier posts, you cannot change the date format, it reverts back to the default. I'm using IPB 4.4.10.
  10. Anyone else who are using closed tags? If so, how do you edit your list?
  11. A couple more: Let members invite, at the moment only leaders can. Apply " Increase Content Counts?" to clubs also, not only forums. (Postings in closed clubs does not contribute to the general content and should not count.)
  12. Anyone else who are using closed tags? How do you handle this problem? Edit directly in the database?
  13. In 4.x it's only possible to append new tags at the end of the list. Not a good solution for a list that is sorted.. (In 3.x the list was editable) Would be nice to be able to insert, delete and edit tagnames (correcting typing errors etc.) And let members add tags to existing topics, inclusive those started by others. (We had 60k topics when the tag system was introduced) Anyone aware of an add-on that can do this?
  14. Two suggestions: Make it possible to edit the taglist like in version 3.x. Like it is now it's not possible to insert new tags, only append them. An option to let members add tags to all existing topics. (We had 60k topics when tags were added to IPB, around 50% of the current number.)
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