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  1. Zoom is everywhere. Is it possible to integrate into an Invision website? Seems like people are saying it is sketchy, but it is EVERYWHERE and seems like a great solution to add video chat/conferencing/meetings to a forum based member website. Anyway,I have added a couple of marketplace chat apps to my site, but being able to embed Zoom Pro ($15/month), to my site would be so much more value added. If this is possible already, if someone could direct me to a "how to" faq that would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Well went to "whatsmydomain", and got a DNS of consistently in many places, but it wasn't propagating in Dallas, Irkurst, Russia, and Petaling Jaya, Malasia. I typed the DNS in my browser and got the same message "Can't find website". My site is hosted by IPS, and I have a cloud based product, and IPS says all their servers are up.
  3. Thank you. I will try that. I have a cloud IPS suite so I'm assuming my server is an IPS server, but not sure.
  4. My .com domain name and private domain name renewed this week. Not sure if this is related, but two days ago, I was informed by users that they could not access website. Microsoft Edge users get "Hmmm. Can't find this website", and Google Chrome users get "This site can't be reached". I have no idea how to trouble shoot this, and of course it's Saturday. Any help will be appreciated.
  5. ChatBox Free v. ChatBox 2.2 Paid 

    I'm a very inexperienced website/IPS community developer. Want to try to Chatbox Free version, but if I like it can it be converted to the paid version without losing any chats?



    1. onlyME



      There is a tool in Chatbox+ to convert data from free version.

      (Btw, if you have any question, please pm me instead of posting in my status feed)

    2. Harry Douglas
  6. Follow-up Question: Is there a way to automatically bounce some one off the site if they are just "lurking" on it for many hours. I have a few members who simply sign in and never log off. Is there a script or function that will bounce someone who is either inactive for a certain period of time, or simply after they have been on site for more than a certain period of time. Thanks.
  7. The pricing on IPB cloud is tied to the number of simultaneous users online. I'm on a very tight budget for what is essentially a vanity project. So I would like to cap the number of users at my maximum so I don't ever get charged for having too many simultaneous users. Is there a code to block new users and guests for accessing site when you reach a certain number? Thanks
  8. Figured out the problem. gmail had a high security that apparently would not allow email from IPB through. Once I lowered security at gmail, the emails started going through.
  9. I'm having the hardest time getting my email configured. I was told IPB doesn't work with yahoo mail, so I created a gmail account for purposes of this IPB. When I try to configure the basic email, it gives me error after error. If I use the PHP option, some mail goes through, but it is delayed by hours even days, or it doesn't go through at all. I have attached a pdf of my email configuration screen. 2017.2.1Email Settings.pdf
  10. Have not tried Video call yet...I'm a non tech newbie just trying to find my way.
  11. Got support from Cometchat, so it is working on IPB cloud.
  12. Thanks, but this is for CometChat on IPB on a private Server I believe. I'm using the cloud version of both IPB and Cometchat. I appreciate it though. I have attempted to install the html code from cometchat, but I get an error message one my site saying "You have to sign it to chat", but I'm signed in.
  13. Signed up thinking there is a resident chat function, but learned it is being discontinued although still listed on marketing brochure/website. I have cometchat, but there is no documentation that I can find on installing cometchat on IPB Cloud. Can someone help. I installed on a rival hosting and it was a piece of cake, but can't seem to figure out on IPB. Thanks.
  14. just signed up for the IPS Cloud solution and was setting up my board. The sales documentation claims there is a resident chat function, and that you set it up in the "community" portion of the admin site. However, there is no "chat " dialogue in my community section. Do I need to download a plug in. I have cometchat on my prior site, do I need to transfer cometchat here. I have attached a copy of my "community" grouping Thanks for any help. 1111Forums.pdf
  15. I am very new to HTML and Website/Forum Design. Is there a picture which list the names of each element on the basic forum. Also, I don't have a store and would like to delete/hide the Browse/Activity/Store/Support "master" tabs and just leave the tabs under the Browse category. Thanks for any help.
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