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  1. 20 hours ago, JimJimJimJim said:


    I have this working, thanks.

    Is it possible to have more than one type of staff vacancy open at the same time? 

    eg. Moderator, Contact team leader



    The current version supports only one position/type of vacancy.

  2. 7 minutes ago, Cyboman said:


    I'm interested in this plugin.

    I have a huge member database that has grown for more than a century.

    What I want to realize is, that I can automatically "unsubscribe" inactive members from "bulk mail" if they haven't visited for x days ( so they will even be triggered by a task without having to perform any online action ).

    Nowadays, email marketing has to be handled with high care, also because of the GDPR, and there is no known option so far in the IPS universe, that can unsubscribe inactive members automatically and on a regular basis, and still keep these members in their original member group.

    Could this be a good suggestion / a function of interest for a future version of your app/plugin maybe?


    This goes outside the scope of this plugin and it is best handled as a separate plugin imo. I can develop one for you. Please contact me in private to discuss the details.

  3. On 11/10/2018 at 6:54 PM, SMen said:

    This sounded perfect to me as I have many users that like to create multiple accounts, via proxies to attempt avoiding detection.  However, the Plugin seems to block WiFi and home networking as well.  I guess i wrongly assumed that it would look at the gateway IP and determine whether it was a third-party proxy/VPN.   As is, this Plugin would block the majority of users from registering and whitelisting every conceivable private IP would be fruitless. 

    On my phone, I was allowed to register on the cellular network.  With WiFi on, I was denied.

     On computers and laptops, connected wireless ad wired to my home network, I was denied on all.  Connecting my cable modem to one computer directly, I was allowed to register.

    Is this by design and I simply misunderstood?  If so, I guess it's a $10 lesson.... If not, what am I doing incorrectly?


    All access through a gateway proxy and/or behind regular open proxy ports 80 and 443 will be blocked with this plugin. 

  4. 8 hours ago, gabs007 said:

    Keep up the good work 👍🏼

    As a suggestion, I would add the option to open in a new window or not, depending on the topic. Sometimes you don't want users to leave your community.

    Your suggestion has been added on the to do list for the next version. The option to open in a new windo, do you mean for it to be on a topic per topic or global, for all topics?

  5. 33 minutes ago, Surendra.S said:

    Thank You Sir !

    I have decent knowledge on queries. So I understand what you mentioned above.

    In fact, its a nice idea to UPDATE the posts instead of DELETING.

    But my requirement is to DELETE all the posts that have the particular keyword.

    I can write the query for that also.

    But I have no idea what consequences might be there if I DELETE the posts. 

    (For eg, the Deleted posts may have references in other tables, and it may affect the post counts etc)...

    Cannot understand why IPB did not provide any MODERATION options in Search Results page.

    Personally I would advice against deleting stuff from the database as it might cause complications. However, post counts will be affected anyways, no matter how a post is deleted. 

    That being said, a better way to do that is to write a script/app to delete the posts properly. 

  6. 3 hours ago, Surendra.S said:

    Thank You.

    I doubt if they will help with custom query like this.

    But let me try.

    if any others are aware of what to do for this type of requirement, please reply.

    You can try the following, but first of all make a backup of your database.

    To select all posts that contain a certain keyword, run this query at the sql box of phpmyadmin, or whatever tool your host is using to manage the databases.

    SELECT * FROM forums_posts WHERE post LIKE '%keyword%';

    2 things to note here. If you are using a prefix for your database, append it to the table name in the query above and replace keyword with the word that you want to use as a match for all posts containing it.

    Then select the rows that will be displayed and delete them.

    Or you can use this query to simply remove only that word from all posts by replacing it with a blank space, without the post(s) itself being deleted.

    UPDATE forums_posts SET post = REPLACE(post, 'keyword', '') WHERE post LIKE '%keyword%';

    Hope it helps.

  7. 12 hours ago, P15-D24 said:

    Can threads already created be moved into as a new showcase? I have users who already created threads about their project builds. I'm hoping this will allow me to consolidate them into one location and make it easier for members to find specific cars. 

    Not in the current version. However, I will add this on my to do list.

    9 hours ago, Sonya* said:

    Ist there a Club Integration? So that each Club can have its own garage?

    Not in the current version.

  8. 3 hours ago, Agent Shark said:

    Okay, so maybe I am crazy but can someone show me how to create clubs? I am trying to create one and can see no clubs in the ACP however, I have no options to create a club. SOS.

    It can be found under the Community tab in the Admin Panel. Or you can use the search function as well and it will display it for you.

  9. 11 hours ago, Brainy S. said:

    Great! The nav menu link is working and the new description feature is great. Thanks so much!

    Note: I did have to fully remove and reinstall the app, otherwise it would give me an error...which is not entirely unexpected in this situation.
    INSERT INTO `videodirectory_videos` ( `title`, `video_url`, `video_description`, `author`, `entry_date`, `c_id` )...

    So if anyone else had already installed the 1.0 version, keep in mind you'll need to uninstall it from what I can tell.

    You are welcome sir.

    Regarding the error, it looks like the description field was not added by the upgrader. That can be fixed with running a simple sql query should anyone else run into this problem. 

  10. 1 hour ago, Brainy S. said:

    One more thing...this should hopefully be it!!! 🙂

    It looks like the "Categories" sidebar does not display properly on a mobile view/mobile-width sized device.

    On a normal desktop browser view, of course it is fine, but when you shrink the window width to go into mobile-nav mode, things are still good at "tablet"-ish width...but shrink it down further to the minimum "phone"-ish width the specific categories disappear.

    This was tested on the default IPS theme as well. And as you can see, my categories are not particularly long or anything either. I verified this on an actual mobile device as well, just to be sure.

    This is definitely an important bug I hope gets corrected soon.

    Also, I would suggest that the categories list be put above the video content in mobile-menu view, if at all possible. With a lot of videos on a mobile, before you can select the category you would have to go down through a huge amount of videos first to choose the category. I think even if you have to do this for both desktop+mobile view instead of leaving the sidebar categories in desktop view, it would be worth it. It's great if you can have the desktop/sidebar categories and a separate "above the videos" area for mobile, but if not...it's better they both be up there if you cannot easily make it desktop/mobile view specific.



    I will look into this as well. Thank you for reporting it. It will be included in the next version, which will include some new major features as well.

    In meanwhile, I have released a new version that fixed the issue with the breadcrumb that you reported and also added the description field, which can be anbled/desabled from the Settings page of the app,

  11. 12 minutes ago, ARCJester said:

    To whoever "replied" to my review, note that it reviews can be edited. Although, it wouldn't hurt if the developer had actual instructions. And the permissions are indeed set, but the problem still remains.


    The screenshots I have uploaded say all really. Anyways, this is not the permission for the app. You have to go to the groups tab. Please see the 4 th screenshot.

    And if you run into any difficulty with the app, posting at the support topic and giving the author a chance to reply would be the way to go and not run to the reviews and leave a bad one for something that it is not the author 's fault. Just saying.

    2 hours ago, Brainy S. said:

    Thanks so much! Obviously everyone has a laundry list of ideas, but the description will help a lot. There is one more thing I wanted to point out specifically. It only took me 5 minutes to run into this, and 2 minutes for the other admin to run into this:


    If you click on the Nav link you get a "page not found" error, which looks really bad from the user experience perspective.

    So the main menu goes to:

    mysite.com/index.php?app=videodirectory&amp;module=videos&amp;controller=videos              <-- (works as expected via menu tab)

    mysite/index.php?app=videodirectory&amp;module=videos&amp;controller=                                    <---- (page not found using the nav menu)


    Good catch sir. I had missed it, thank you for bringing it to my attention. I will look into fixing it for the next version.

  12. 2 hours ago, Brainy S. said:


    I think something right below would work well for most people, and have it be something entirely optional.

    And I could not resist and had to add rating stars as well. 🙂 My understanding though is that would take some work to add as there is a whole system for programming in rating-ability I think? But maybe for a future release I hope you will consider that!!!

     For now, the descriptions alone would be very helpful!!!

    Yes, the rating system and the user comment system would take some work to implement. And right now I am a bit tight on free time. But I will see what I can do to add the description field though.

  13. 28 minutes ago, Brainy S. said:

    I would like user-comments, video descriptions and star-ratings as well! 

    And of these, I assume that adding a description feature would be really easy to implement?


    Yes, the description feature would be rather easy to implement. Can you please post a screenshot as to where you want it to be shown?

  14. 4 hours ago, Excalibur said:

    Can members comment on posted videos with this plugin?

    If not, i would like to request that as a feature, along with the option to add a video description to posted videos.



    No, members can not comment on posted videos in the current version. Anyways, I will add it on the to do list. 

  15. 7 hours ago, Dolphin. said:


    I want to delete all topics that are older than 2555 days. What im doing wrong here?



    The plugin does not work for topics that are older than x days, but for topics that have not had any reply in more than x days. It is a big difference.

    Anyways, the plugin will not delete them immediately after it has been enabled. It adds a task that runs daily and then it will perform the tasks that it has been set to.

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