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  1. Hey Adriano! Just been wondering if it is possile for you to add an option to edit a warning (only ones with permissions to do so). For example, if a member and I want to edit the points given - it will be possible. or the date it expires, etc. What I do for now is delete the current warning and giving a new one, easier to edit. Thanks! P.S - if it`s being edited from the ACP the member gets minus points when it expires.
  2. Automatic Restock - please add it. Top Points Block - doesn`t really shows top members with points, something wrong there. In stock bug - when an item has 99 in stock - it shows that the stock is empty. Still can buy though. Cool-down - not working, when I set it - it doesn`t do anything. ACP Logs - when I award someone with points via the ACP it doesn`t write it anywhere. please add a log to it at Send Points or at Admin Logs. Notification - the notification when a member buys a custom item doesn`t exists anymore. It sent me notifications when a member bought the
  3. I want to set to zero the post count of only the weekly posters when I want. The reason is we want to make a competition of daily posts - user posts the most posts wins. but now that I think about it it`s a bad idea. thanks anyway, sorry if I bothered you 👍 Thanks for fast response!
  4. this ^ plus - cool down doesn`t work at all. Also found a bad bug - when a member buys & redeems an item (happened with rock papaer scissors) it buys once for his use and 2 more items in his "my products".
  5. Hey, was willing to know if you can add an option to manually set the weekly posters to zero? thanks.
    Excellent app, highly recommended. Members like it very much plus it improves the forum activity by alot. Support is good for just one person who is developing this app. Fast response and responsing to everyone.
  6. Thanks for last update which fixed some bugs! Sorry if I said it too much - just remainding about auto re-stock. Also, when a member buys a custom product it shows him an error message - neither he buys & redeems or buys & keeps and then redeems at his products. The redeeming is still working and I get notified about it at my ACP, but the member thinks something went wrong since he sees an error. By the way - Top Points block isn`t updating, why is that? (it`s for a long time I believe). When an item has 99 avilable at it`s stock it shows that the stock is empty (you st
  7. how do I do that? didn`t find at the settings. By the way, the rock paper scissors does that also when it`s played via "My Products". Also, when I am trying to buy a custome product it shows an error and I don`t get notified about it as before. Thanks again 🙂
  8. About that bug - now Rock Paper Scissors has a familiar bug. After you play the game - it doesn`t show you if you won or lose - it just shows you the same page as before to choose your option (doesn`t work at the second time).
  9. Also, is there anything new about the error message from purchasing & using "Guess the number"? we talked about it at pm. Thanks for the support! A few more things - would like if there will be auto re-stock for products and if there was an option to set view permissions for categories for different groups. Useful in case you would want to make a special category which available for specific groups. Hey TheJackel,thanks for the update 🙂 I am still facing the same problems I mentions below. about guess the number - when you Purcha
  10. I already did actually, they told me there is no option for disabling that, heres a quote: So they told me to suggest it here.
  11. Hey @Joel R Thanks for your fast response! About what you wrote about my first suggestion - it doesn`t work. The member groups I am talking about doesn`t permission to delete own content at all - but they can delete every status published on their profile, even if it`s not them who published it. I wish to cancel their option to delete statuses from their own profiles, it`s not necessary for my forums.
  12. I have two suggestions: Disable the option which allows members to delete statuses on their own profile - there is no reason they will be able to delete it, so I suggest to add an option at the ACP maybe under statuses settings or maybe under group settings which allows to toggle it from on to off. Members might expoilt it to gain for example points at the members shop (for communities which has the members shop application). I will find it quite handy in my forums. Every time a member is submitting a comment or a topic in clubs - his content count is raising. Clubs are used for us
  13. At the categories where you can see all the items - it shows normally. When you go to a specific product page (which displays it description, price, times purchased and in stock) the image doesn`t show up and the fa-icon shows.
  14. Hey, didn`t know there is a support topic. Few bugs I`ve found: 1. Can`t edit member points via the ACP at the "Edit Prefernces" section. I get an error message caused by the 'Members Shop' app. The save worked only after I disabled the app so it must be it (Sent at PM the error message). 2. When you perementaly delete a status it doesn`t remove the points gained for it, for posts it works excellent. 3. When you add a picture to an item it doesn`t show it when you enter the product page, only at the shop view. When I enter the product page it keeps showing the fa-icon the it
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